Sunday, June 05, 2005

Miniature World located in the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

The greatest little show on earth!

A miniaturized extravaganza that continues to thrill and delight the young and young at heart! Special effects in lighting, sound and animation help to create a memorable experience, a lasting desire to return. Open all day every day! Special family rate, air conditioned.

Whatever you do, do not miss Miniature World’s website.

You can see the amazing detail online. (make sure to scroll)

See it turn from day to night.

Don’t miss out on the “live guide” aspect.

Even the president of miniature world shows up.


Gravely Gay said...

Well if I was miniature at least I'd have a house to go to. Thanks for losing your cherry to my blog. We'll call you in the a.m., promise.

Rozanne said...

The cheese factor on that is thru the roof!!!!!

It truly is "miniaturetastic"!

Did you click on the magic man who shows up in some scenes? He is incredibly articulate, I must say.

LeLo said...

Rigo-Yes, you'd even have a railroad town to go to, that when I saw in real life, includes a brothel. Alas, it's not featured on the website.

Rozanne-You betcha I saw the magic man: I found his articulateness to be most acute here:

Rozanne said...

That is exactly the page where I noticed what a wonderful extemporaneous speaker he is.

I forgot to mention that I went to Victoria, B.C. in the early '90s, and I somehow failed to visit Miniature World. Clearly, I didn't research my trip good enough (as the Magic Man might say).

Gavin S. said...

You guys are all serious? This isn't a joke? Wow.

Zoe said...

Hi Lelo,
I host for the University of Oregon. I am affiliated with their foreign exchange program and have been hosting since summer term 2001.
I had to apply and have my house 'checked' by a staff person from UO- the rest is history-

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I remember going to miniature land up in Victoria as a young child with my mom, dad, and baby sister. In fact, I remember being captivated by it for months afterwards, which may explain by fascination with all things miniature, including my childhood button collection and my adult obsession with Chihuahuas.

LeLo said...

Oh I believe you were there...and the really cool thing is that it is still there. It was a highlight of a trip to Victoria for us about 3 years ago. I sounded like my mother as I slowly stumbled and gawked my way through it muttering "how do they dust this crap?"