Sunday, June 26, 2005

Round 'em up round 'em up, get your links here

The Gay Hill, Texas contingent sent a bevy of links recently. God bless Ja'AmLo.
And god is blessing the amped up, let's lift for Jesus contingent....
Here was The Power Team, guys in testosterone overload who had come for a five-night Christian crusade, displaying feats of brawn and body-torturing strength, backed up with faith testimony and altar calls at Celebration Christian Center in Mesa.
Good times, good times.


And if we needed any more proof that Tom Delay is an idiot.
Prepare to be inspired.


Gavin S. said...

Not joking about this... "The Power Team" came to my middle school (yes, a christian school)



Anonymous said...

Whoa, those guys are still around? Hey remember Freedom Rock? Those guys came to my Jr. High, I think. Such a haze now. I do remember getting hacks for being such a little bastard. Nobody out here believes me when I tell them thaty I used to get my ass paddled as a teen.

LeLo said...

Power Team, Freedom Rock: you people obviously had kick ass assemblies. I was in Sister Mary Catherine's being tested on the length of my skirt: if when on my knees, my skirt touched the ground, it was long enough. Sheesh. Like that's what they needed to be worried about...

Rozanne said...

The Power Team looks like it has some good candidates for the Darwin Awards.

What IS the point? Don't they have anything better to do?