Thursday, June 23, 2005

Something borrowed, something unused, and something smells good + bonus gift

Welcome to Stuff Portrait Friday thanks to Kristine

Assignment #1: Something Borrowed and Not Returned
I know. Can you believe it? The camera. Borrowed, never returned. Soon to be remedied….
Something borrowed...and not returned

Assignment #2: An unused present
Cherry juice scares me….
A gift given and not used

Assignment#3: My Perfume
Today, will it be Bergamot Citrus, Bulgarian Rose, Cucumber Baie, Fig Apricot, Fleurs de Chocolat, Geranium Pepper, Patchouli Pure, Pear Cassis, Pomegranate Anise, Redcurrant Basil, Sandalwood Vert, Tangerine Lychee, Tobacco Caramel, Tuberosa or Violet Moss?
Eau de parfum: fragrance chronicles
Favorite combo: Pomegranate Anise and Fig Apricot. Yummy.

Assignment Late Turned In for Bonus Points.
The week I didn’t play was the fantabulous assignment of religious item. Here she is in all her gloriosa….
La Virge


Amy said...

Do you make your own perfume? How friggin' cool are you?!

Anonymous said...

Hey that cherry juice looks yummy. Like a big jar of sun tea. Throw that stuff on the rocks w/ some Pellegrino. Now you're talkin'.

Random and Odd said...

This is fantastic! You make your own perfume!! WOW! that is totally impressive!!!

LizzieDaisy said...

Cool you make your own perfume, but dang... that cherry juice looks awesome, at least the way you shot the picture. :) I'd try it. You can only die once.

LeLo said...

Oh I should clarify...I don't make my own perfume. These little bottles are all part of the fantabulous Index set by Fresh. They come in a book, and you can pick and choose, mix and match.....I wish I knew how to make perfume this good!

As for the cherry can't see the top of the can that's labeled 2001. How long can you hold onto stuff like this?! Because it was a gift, I just keep holding onto it, but there has to come a time....

Rozanne said...

I guess the cherry juice has had it. It does look pretty, though. I expect it's teeming with all sorts of nasties by now.

It would not have lasted long in our house.

Anonymous said...

I think if you mix it with enough vodka, it'll probably taste pretty yummy.

Patchouli. Definitely. mmmmmmmm

Kathryn said...

All those essential oils?

You are SUCH a lesbian!

LeLo said...

OMG. That is so not essential oils. While I will totally own the LESBIAN call out, I will not own the essential oils. People. This is FRESH. Go here to experience the wonders of FRESH....;jsessionid=RVX43Y1U5PJLJLAUCLCBXCQ?brandId=4348&_requestid=308895