Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Miscellaneous Linky Links

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Props to DieselBoi via Tiny Meat for that cool thing you can get at

And snaps again to Tiny Meat for this wonderous wonder. Make your own google logo. Here's mine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks LeLo, lookin good.
I'm still here. It's beens nuts over at Tiny. 1.7 million hits to our site in one day kept me glued to the screen. MUST KEEP SEWING!

Random and Odd said...

I loves me some flickr!!

You might have to sign up for the pro account

LeLo in NoPo GoPro !!!

Kathryn said...

Nice Lelo.
And get the Pro account.
LOL Kristine, Lelo NoPo GoPro!

Rozanne said...

NoGoPro LeLo in NoPo. Downsize those pix and SaveSomeDough.

Fun link, BTW. I obliterated a good 10 minutes yesterday customizing my name.

LeLo said...

I so know I need to downsize my honkin huge sexy new pictures...still learning how to use the new camera I s'pose. I'll resize in photoshop, unless I can easily do it in iPhoto....I should have known better!

Rozanne said...

I have yet to find a way to do any editing in iPhoto, so I occasionally have to haul out Photoshop and crank up Classic (I've got a really olde version of Photoshop--still it works).

There should be a way to just take smaller pix by changing the settings on your camera. OK. I will finally shut up about his now.