Sunday, August 07, 2005

10 Years of My Life

So I was tagged by Blu for this one. Could I get tagged for something short and sweet? Of course not. This is a huge one!!! I’ll give it a whirl and probably divulge the most I ever have divulged on my blog. Holy crap, Blu! Okay, peeps, here we go….

10 years ago: I was just finishing the “summer of lesbian love and pie-making.” The first summer with AdRi, and I had found she loved homemade pies. I mastered the art of piemaking that summer, and fell head over heels in love. Incredibly romantic, sweet and wonderful. I was in a new job, wasn’t making much money/selling Cds for cash, renting an old farmhouse in Sellwood, doing art installations and taking portrait photos on the side.

5 years ago: August 2000- It’s a blur. AdRi and I had bought a house together (wow! That’s a commitment!), I was working my way up in the same company, and we were beginning to build a crazy big garden at our house. I was pretty focused on my career, but that summer we were probably hosting Camp R, in our backyard for AdRi’s nieces and nephews: a 2-day intensive summer camp complete with secret handshakes, bike rides, and ghost stories in the tent.

1 year ago: We were in our post-wedding bliss, having been married in March, with a huge family and friend party in our garden last July. People from all over the country had come to help us celebrate, and we had a big, catered, live music, Mexican fiesta in the garden. It was one of the most amazing times for us: love and acceptance by our families. And come August last year, I was prepared to fight for our marriage by fighting Oregon’s Measure 36.

Yesterday: I swam in the pool here in Maui, sat in the sun and gazed out at the sea, finished reading Auntie Mame (great book!), took a walk at sunset, and had Pina Coladas at Don the Beachcomber. I’m very happy right now, and AdRi and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last month.

Today: Doing the sun and beach thing again, but taking a sunset dinner cruise this evening.

Tomorrow: Snorkeling and hanging out on the beach.

5 snacks I enjoy:
• homegrown tomatoes, basil and mozzarella
• carrots and Toby’s tofu pate
• pita chips
• cottage cheese with pineapple
• kettle corn popcorn

5 bands that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs:
• The Eagles
• Depeche Mode
• Billy Joel
• Journey
• I can't believe the names on this list: hello Junior High.

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:
• Make some huge ass donations.
• Give to our family
• Travel
• Invest
• Live simply and experience the world

5 locations I'd like to run away to:
• Australia
• Switzerland
• Cook Islands
• Belize
• Cuba

5 bad habits I have:
• chewing ice
• being negative/sarcastic
• not putting away the laundry
• flaking out
• not making time for my health

5 things I like doing:
• imagining: is that a word?
• working in the garden
• napping
• cooking
• creating/making things: I have a ton of hobbies

5 things I would never wear:
• fur
• belly shirt
• spandex
• stilettos
• plastic pants

5 TV shows I like:
• 30 Days
• Daily Show
• Law & Order SVU
• America’s Next Top Model
• American Idol

5 movies I like:
• Moulin Rouge
• Grease
• Frida
• Wizard of Oz
• Motorcycle Diaries

5 famous people I'd like to meet:
• Jack LaLaine
• Frida Kahlo
• Hillary Clinton
• Dorothy Allison
• Sting

5 biggest joys at the moment:
• I’m just finishing up one of the best vacations ever
• I feel incredibly relaxed and calm
• I’m more in love with AdRi now than I was ten years ago
• I’m wearing my hair long, in a braid, with plumeria flowers woven through it: how much does that kick ass?!
• I love what I’ve learned about gardening and realize there’s a ton I don’t know: such great potential!


Zoe said...

I love it!!


Kathryn said...

Lovely list Lelo.

Rozanne said...


You're the third person I read who has tackled this meme. It's a really nice one but much too daunting for me.

I think it's great that you want to meet Jumping Jack LaLane. That guy is sooo out there!

Do not understand: Billy Joel and cottage cheese with pineapple.

Rozanne said...

Until you get that chance to meet the man in person read this amazing inteview:

LeLo said...

Jack LaLanne is a total freak, and I love him. What a great interview that was Rozanne!

As for Billy Joel...I grew up loving him. He played the piano, I played the piano. I sang along with every single fricking song. Don't ask. As for pineapple and cottage cheese, you obviously never encountered the wonder food combination. Protein, little fat, and sweet goodness. That, along with a Tab soda. Why mess with a good thing?!?

Rozanne said...

I have had the pineapple/cottage cheese combo. I think it boils down to the fact that I don't like pinepple but I do like cottage cheese and if it's got pineapple in it, it's ruined (IMHO, anyway).

Anonymous said...

Stevieb is right on the money. Between you and Rigo's blog, it's like xmas every day. Keep it up LeLo you make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't get the Jack LaLaine thing but I have a good reason. Years ago, I was offered a free work-out at one of his fitness clubs. "Free" came with many strings and an annoying sales pitch. I signed a document cancelling the impending membership. 2 years later I get a notice from a collections agency saying I never paid my Jack LaLaine club fee and owed an enormous amount of money. Thank God I'm a packrat and never throw anything away because I was able to show the cancellation papers, which ended it then and there.

I always wondered how many unfortunate souls were forced to pay because they couldn't prove non-membership.

I know he wasn't personally responsible but his name is forever tied to the sleazy tactics employed by that fitness club.

Great list, LeLo. Thanks for sharing.