Saturday, August 20, 2005

Supremacists in Cascade Locks today: the location is ironic, isn’t it?

Aryan nation supremacists are havin’ a weinie roast and picnic in beautiful Cascade Locks today. They applied for a permit for what’s being billed as AryanFest '05, and got it.

Well, I doubt they’ll be singing kumbaya or makin’ s’mores, but I know I won’t be goin’ anywhere close to where those lameasses are. I haven’t heard if there’s going to be a protest, though today's Oregonian quotes Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler as saying, "Historically, they don't have problems at these gatherings. This is a group that beats up people in alleys and does not make a spectacle of themselves in public."

Looking at KGW’s website, it turns out they’ve been moved by officials to land that is slated for the new Warm Springs casino. So let me get this right: the second biggest skinhead concert of the year is going to be held on tribal land? That's a little weird, isn't it?


Kathryn said...

I just called my former LBCG. She's going through there on her way to take her kids camping. I told her to keep her liberal lebsian head down! Thanks for the info Lelo.

Anonymous said...

Remember that scene in Pink Flamingo's where the sheriff comes to the trailer to bust up their party? Well that's what we should do to the skinheads. "Get 'em, eat 'em!"

Mmm I'll have some more white meat please.

Anonymous said...

Definitely weird, lelo.

Sheriff Joe Wampler's comment is odd. It sounds like something they'd lampoon on The Daily Show.

I will never understand this kind of hatred and fear.


Anonymous said...

Hey LeLo
Here's a field assignment for ya.

geeekgirl said...

I can't believe it is legal to hate like that.

Ja'AmLo said...

Talk about some bad juju.