Friday, August 05, 2005


Time to look, time to see, time to think, time to listen, time to dream, time to imagine, time to be together, time to be alone, time to not think. Time to just be.

This trip is bringing me some peace. I had a moment yesterday. Relaxing in the sun, breeze blowing strong, gazing out at the late afternoon sky reflecting on the ocean, listening to the iPod (Marc Broussard to be specific). I was at peace. It took me 6 days to get to that moment, but I got there.

Here are some pictures from a walk at sunset…

And here’s one from a little later. AdRi in Don the Beachcomber. Classic old school tiki bar. Aloha Friday, peeps.


Rozanne said...

The full range of relaxation, I see.

I like the look of that umbrella drink. What was it?

LeLo said...

That there, Rozanne, would be what they call a Lava Flow. It's a Pina Colada, with mashed up strawberries whirled in as the lava. BTW, the Pina Colada is my new favorite drink. It has booze, AND ice cream. My god. Dessert and a buzz all wrapped together in slurpy goodness.

Zoe said...

MMM sip a piƱa colada for me... save the "10 years" for when you get back... sit back and enjoy this time.

I wish I could be there with you and AdRi enjoying aloha time.


Kathryn said...

Oh Lelo, I wish I was there looking at that beautiful beach.
You ladies have fun, fun, fun!
Pina Colada; I think I'll have one tonight, just in your Hawaii trip honor.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Don the Beachcomber? Does it have flames out front? We had those growin' up in the area. I thought thye were all but extinct.
Rock on girls!! However taunting us with tasty libations is just plain cruel.
BTW, say hi to Dog the Bountyhunter for me. He's one bad Mofo.

Gravely Gay said...

I'm sooooo jealous!

Anonymous said...

merchmikey - The Dog lives on the Big Island. South Side, where all the meth labs are.

/used to live there.