Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stop. Read. Weep: A first hand account of rescuing animals in New Orleans.

How was it for the dog that barked for weeks hoping someone would come? How was it to eat anything he could find and drink the most nauseating water only to die by the window in the morning sun?

I don't have the ability to explain what it looks like to see a car in a swimming pool.

Can I explain how hard it is to walk by a kennel that contains a dog sitting in his own feces. It's hard because you can't get to him right now because there are 30 others that are in a similar state that you have to do first.

I can't explain the transformation you see in a dog's attitude when you take the time to wash the crusted filth from him. Did you know that he can transform from an animal that is totally down and dejected and locked in a box to one that is happy and excited and full of energy?

Paul Meehan writes and shares photos from an incredible story of dedication in helping others. As he says, “Over the last few weeks I took some vacation time and have been volunteering for the Humane Society down in New Orleans to help out with animal rescues. I was on the front lines by which I mean I was breaking into houses and buildings etc. at the behest of the Humane Society and the owners to look for trapped animals.”

Read his story here.
See his pictures here.
Give here.

Update: There's a touching story on NPR this morning. Listen to it here.


Rozanne said...

So sad, but I'm glad at least some of the poor innocent creatures are being rescued.

Anonymous said...

This is so heart wrenching. Like stevieb, I can barely bring myself to read anything about animals suffering and wonder why it's so much easier (god, is that the right word?) to watch/read/hear about human suffering. I really could barely make it through this post, let alone link to the stories. I'm sad thinking about the dog dying in the window in the sun.