Thursday, October 20, 2005

What does your car say about you?

freak car?
What if you want your car to say more about you?
Speak, car! Speak!
“My car is a divine instrument of the lord’s voice.”

Saw this thing and couldn’t grab the camera fast enough. Actually had to claw through the back seat into the trunk to get the camera.
But let’s look at it closer.
freak car
WTF is this thing saying? Someone? Anyone? Help me out here.


Anonymous said...

wow....that is weird. weird on so many levels, and I can't even figure out what it means.

I mean, where did they get that thingy to attach to the back of the car?

I'm no help here....sorry ;-)

geeekgirl said...

I think it means that the New Orleans Saints are going to make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Anonymous said...

They must belong to a religious sect that believes in speaking in tongues because the sign is complete gibberish to me.


Jay said...

It's a painfully run-on sentence, which leads me to believe that on the 6th day, God forgot to create proper grammar.

My loose translation of the sign:

"Satan's minions judge others and start wars in the name of Jesus, yet ironically have no other purpose than to remove God from this world."

I grew up in Texas, so I'm fluent in gibberish.

Ja'AmLo said...

Something needs to be eradicated from Jesus's God.....

ah screw it - Drunk with Guns - U Loot We Shoot.

Anonymous said...

I'm goin' with geeekgirl :)

Kathryn said...

Wow Blog Portland, that's impressive!

I always wanted to learn to speak jibberish.

LeLo said...

Ah, my blog friends came up with some great interpretations. Little Sister asked how it was done: it was pretty amazing and obviously a lot of thought went into it. There was also a bolted on front board. The windows were tinted very dark, but it appeared as if an older woman was driving. She was a bit excited when she saw my camera. I wish she would have rolled down her window so I could really see her. The front said "No Judging: No Evil/Death"

Again, no idea. I'm goin' with Blog Portland.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Blog Portland, too. I've actually seen this car on the highway - up I-5 North as one drives through Centrellia/Chehalis; I just figured it was some kook who lives up there... but was also confused by the somewhat contradictory and poory worded phrasing. Though I suspect she may be competing for the new "Keep Portland Weird" catch-phrases.