Friday, October 07, 2005

Who am I?

I’m an accordian playing fiend.

I’m a vibrator.

I’m vacationing at the coast with my husband.

Oh silly people. I’m none of the above. It’s the joys of the google image search. That’s GIS (also known as Google Image Search*) for my blogging name, LeLo. Meaning, I went to Google, performed an image search for LeLo, and the above selection represents but a few of the glorious wonders that appear for that word. That’s some gosh darned fun.

So what happens when I GIS (remember, it’s Google Image Search) my friendly blogging friends? Chaos ensues for sure.

Note: If I know your real name, I’ve googled that. If not, it’s your blogging name.




Recovering Straight Girl







So go google yourself. It won't make your palms grow hair. Or the stars fall from the sky. But in case it does, make sure you get pictures up, okay?

*I learn technical terms like this from Ja’AmLo. Thanks Ja’AmLo!

Props to Rozanne, who spawned the wonders of this post.


Rozanne said...

Wow, this is endless, endless fun, isn't it? Every single one of them is great! It's hard to pick just one image, though. I'm glad you put up three for yourself--they're hiliarious!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the man getting down and funky with the accordion. ROTFLMFAO. This is a fun game!! I love my GIS, too. It's almost as if these are astral projections of your blogging friends, or alternative reality images. I just love it.

Gravely Gay said...

Sad thing is I really was named after that man :(
Did you use first an last name or just first name? If you gis my first name I am an alcoholic beverage.

Zoe said...

I swore you knew my "real" name... but I dig the kilt!

Rozanne said...

I think it's about time you replaced your Blogger avatar. Which will it be the accordian fiend or the vibrator?

geeekgirl said...

I love Rigo. Rigo ROCKS!

Kathryn said...

OMG, that looks EXACTLY like me!!!
Wow. GIS is good.