Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hair, hair, and more hair

I do not wear bows
Okay so here’s my new hair. Upon seeing the photo I realize I need to make it bigger.* Joan Jett had bigger hair, didn’t she? I’ll work on that. Next year. I’ve been singing rocker songs all day. In particular I’ve been channeling Motley Crue, Blue Oyster Cult, Journey (when the lights, go down, in the sit-tay), and even a little Foreigner. Keep on rockin’ in the free world people.

Was in a furniture store today (City Liquidators, to be exact) and overheard a woman exclaiming to another customer that she had had a conversation with The Lord. (!!!!) She was talking louder than most folks. I looked over at AdRi and she had already sat down on a couch within earshot of the recipient of The Lord’s Voice so as to hear more of this amazing story. It turns out, The Lord told her to change her hair. So she did. But she took about 10 minutes to get to the point. “The Lord told me! So I did! I changed my hair!” Wow. I can’t say the lord told me to cut my hair, but I think Joan Jett did. Thanks Joan!

There was a request for a photo of Wink in the Santa suit, so here you are.
Wink wears bows
It also features the bow. This is a lovely holiday portrait RSG snapped. But let’s talk about that bow for a moment, shall we? AdRi said the bow reminded her of how she wore her hair when she was a little girl. I looked through some old photos and you know what? She’s right.
AdRi wears bows

Just for kicks:
Wink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bowsWink wears bows AdRi wears bows
That’s good times, isn’t it?

Well, here’s to a Happy New Year to ya’ll: see ya on the flip side.

*You’ll note I used what is called the Dutch Angle for my self portrait. Thanks Rozanne!


Blogzie said...

"May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions."

Loving the hair....

Happy New Year!


Love From Blogzie...


sttropezbutler said...

I love the God/Hair story. Does this make God a hair dresser....and of course lead the the enevitable question...he is or isn't he?

Oh well, we won't go there.

Happy New Year my dear.....

Loved the the hair and I say bigger is better...after all I live in Texas!


Rozanne said...

I think Joan would approve of the hair and the Dutch Angle!

I really like it, too! However, if you find a product that can make it bigger--let me know!

City Liquidators--what a place. If you need a plaid sofa with rivets and a skirt it is the place to go!

That is some bow in AdRi's hair! It pretty much overshadows her hairstyle, though. Not sure Joan would approve of that.

Kathryn said...

Love the hair. Maybe Joan Jett IS The Lord and she told both of you to cut your hair.

Joan Jett is the Lord....hmmmm. I think it works.

Love the photos of AdRi; you gotta love a lesbian with a bow in her hair!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

brett said...

i think you look good.

Anonymous said...

whoa ho ho! sexy hair!!!!! i wish mine were longer, cause i'd totally rock the joan jett too.

Zoe said...

if your hair was a tad shorter I'd suggest some "Bed Head" "Superstar"... but I know that it works great on short hair

Gravely Gay said...

I loved your hair. Thanks for lunch, I think I failed to thank you earlier. Next time I come up we'll have to go out dancing or something.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks beeeuteefulll.

I love the AdRi/Wink side by side. I'm cracking up. It's like it's Destiny at work.

Anonymous said...

Pobrecita AdRi!!!!! Such a good sport! A new word in espanol for you: Ansias=Something so darn cute that you want to scream=AdRi. LeLo, you owe AdRi!

LeLo said...

Hahahahaha! I heard "anonymous" wouldn't stop making fun of AdRi and she called you a fucker. That's what you get HeCa!

Mindless: That song ROCKS.

Superinky: See, you can see the comparison when they're side by side, can't you?! AdRi doesn't wear those bows anymore, darn it.

Stevie; I hope Levi is feeling better. :)

Rigo: Going out dancing with you could be a wild, wild night. You're on.

Blu: I know Superstar! I bought it just so I could do the splits, raise up my arms and yell SUPERSTAR everytime I use it.

Cari: Why thank you! I love to rock!

Brett: Don't make me blush.

Recovering Straight Girl: It was obvious even at that age, wasn't it? Alas, the bow couldn't hide it.

Rozanne: You know I'm always on the look out for products that increase hair height. I have to find it for this haircut, and am thinking it may not be about bigness, but about "piecing it out." It's complicated.

STB: If the Lord is a hairdresser, we for sure know he's a gay boy. Or, Nick Arrogio.

Blogz; Thanks! You too!