Monday, December 05, 2005

It's 9 degrees, feels like -3

That's just not right: it's cold here in Chicago. says it's 9 degrees feels like -3, but from what I could tell, walking the 4 blocks from the hotel to office, it felt more like OH MY GOD IT'S TOO COLD OUT HERE FOR ANYONE to me. Look at this picture:
That is the steam coming off the river: the water is warmer than the air right now. But other than the cold, Chicago is beautiful today. Got here yesterday so I could squeeze some shopping in before a crazy busy week. Meier & Frank needs to take some lessons from Marshall Fields: they actually change their holiday windows every year. What a concept! But everything is decorated for the holidays, and it's really quite lovely. Stay warm, peeps!


Anonymous said...

come home soon. i miss my mommy. wink

Kathryn said...

Oh that's so cute, Wink is commenting now. LeLo, you really should let the girl get her own blog. Ginger has a chart and is counting down the days until their sleepover week!!!

Gravely Gay said...

It's 9 degrees heren in Klamath tonight, so I feel your pain.

sttropezbutler said...

I lived in Chicago as a teen. I remember really cold cold winters and several years over 24" snowfalls!

Here in Houston it is 40!


Rozanne said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday--right when Blogger imploded and became unavailable for hours on end.

Anyway, I feared you were going to end up freezing your ass in Chicago. Isn't it astounding how freakin' cold it can get? And that wind. Brrrrrr.

The stream rising off the river phenomenon. Freaky. Freaky and wrong.

So did you end up buying a fur coat while at Marshall Field's?

You will appreciate PDX all the more when you get back.

LeLo said...

Wink-I'll be home soon. In the meantime, you keep on keepin' AdRi busy busy!
RSG-Hmmm. Yes. It's very interesting Wink is commenting on the blog now, and just around the exact same time as you! AH HA! Wink is very excited about spending Christmas with her sister...she's most interested in learning how to bark at the back door when it's time to go potty!
Rigo-It REALLY is painful when it's this cold! The having to wrap your mouth/nose in a scarf thing is a whole new world for me. Hello. I'm from California!
STB-40 degrees sounds so balmy!
Rozanne-Yes, I'm freezing my ass. Literally. And speaking of fur, I have never seen so many fur coats and hats in my life. If I wore anything like that in Portland I'd get my ass kicked! However, if you're a tall woman in fur, you kind of look like Chewbaca. Saw that yesterday and wanted to shout out to the wookie but I with held. Yes, I will also appreciate the higher humidity in Portland!

Anonymous said...

You're in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in north Chicago 'burbs. I remember bundling up so that only my eyeballs were visible. If I didn't have to see where I was going, I'd have covered them up, too! I'd head to class extra early to allow for time to shed all my layers. Remember that kid in "The Christmas Story" who is so bundled up he can't move and when he fell over, he couldn't get up again? Yup, just like that.

One year it was so cold ("how cold was it?") that we walked on a frozen Lake Michigan. Oh, man, my eyes sting and my nose burns just thinking about that dry, cold air.

Beautiful pics!