Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How much rain can a person handle?

rain watcher
Living in the Pacific Northwest means you live with rain. “It’s what makes the skin of Northwesterners so beautiful and healthy.” That’s what a friend of mine once said. Bah.

We’re dealing with news headlines like…
The wettest January in 30 years
No relief for Portland, a city that is seeing the most January rain in 3 decades
Flood Watch issued by the National Weather Service
Rain forecast for the next kajillion years.
Yeah, whatever. I looked at my hand today and almost didn’t recognize the pale, ghostly appendage at the end of my long-sleeved arm. The freckles and “sun spots” on my face are so apparent. I don’t usually think I have freckles. (Doing these self portraits has brought this item to my attention.) But it’s the psychological crap this weather does to me that’s hard to handle.

Peeps, I grew up in Southern California. The beach on Christmas, summer clothes year round. Bare feet, tans, swimming, shorts: these weren’t just enjoyed for a few months a year. It’s engrained in my psyche to enjoy sun and sunshine. Do you know what it feels like when you lay in the sun, on a hot rock or cement, and the heat seeping through your body catches your breathe and just makes you go into the warmth? I love that feeling. And right about now, this time of year, I hang onto memories and thoughts like that.

And I stare out the window and dream. It’s a good time for me, too. It forces me to stop and reflect. Imagine. (And stare at my white scary hands.) I make a point to get out as soon as the sun is there (as I can), and wow, do I ever appreciate the sun this time of year. “Hello my friend!”
Rain rain go away
Please come back some other day
Or just give me a frickin’ break, okay?
rain watcher 2
Wet, cold, soggy, pasty white. That’s me. Happy Self Portrait Tuesday.


pril said...

i totally understand. I grew up on a SoCal beach, too (redondo, mostly). Living on the Oregon Coast nearly drove me insane. it really DOES rain from October to July in Coos Bay. Now i'm just freezing, living in the same area as Rigo ;)

bemused said...

I echo your rant, lelo. I am rusting and growing webs between my toes! Enough of the wet stuff already, weather gods. Give us a break, 'k?

Blogzie said...

From one Southern California girl to another:

Come Home.


sttropezbutler said...

While you are inundated...we are desperate.

And to think I just purchased new wiper blades for my windshield!

We need the rain here, so just tell it to get a move on and come to TEXAS, if if Mother N. doesn't like the political climate!


CrackerLilo said...

I grew up in Florida and am experiencing my second NYC winter. I kind of understand.

Do you have a light box? It helps a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Lelo craving the sun. I see the yearning in your eyes. But do not wilt, my little angel, the sun will return..... Smile LeLo!

"Angels with silver wings,
shouldn't know suffering.
I wish I could take the pain for you..."
Precious-Depeche Mode

P.S. I Love Carmen

Rozanne said...

Yah, all this rain is a bit much--like quite a bit too much.

I'm slammed with work (so why am I reading blogs then?), but I am determined to get out for a walk this PM cuz it appears we are experiencing a brief respite. The sun is sort of (but not really) out--at the moment anyway.


brett said...

long time portlander - 36 years peeps. all my life. we had a break the past few years and now mrs mother nature is back with a vengence. usually i get sick of the rain in may/june, but man, i too am fed up with 35 days of rain. luckily, it had been dry for my walks, except for sunday evening. i guess what's keeping me alive is that i have someone to commiserate with. thankyou superinkygrrl.

Anne said...

lots more rain here again, on the north coast of calif.
it's tough some days.
but i stay for the views.
hang in there, white girl!

Jay said...

I am so use to the rain. Looking back, I haven't even owned an umbrella since moving here 7 years ago!

rae ann said...

i was just asking a friend the other day if it was raining a lot or if it was just me (i am 5 months pregnant and i tend to magnify the positives and negatives right now). i don't watch much t.v. so i didn't realize we were setting new records here in PDX. it was validating to hear her say that yes, this the worst rain in a long time. however, what i love about portlanders is that we still go for our walks and choose to face the weather... no matter what. i get great comfort out of looking out of my window in NoPo and seeing people still walking to the MAX line and to new seasons even though they are being harassed by dark clouds and pelets of rain. lets hope for a rockin' summer.

Kathryn said...

I hear that if you fall in love and just stay in bed all of the time, you don't even notice the rain, I don't know if that's true or not, I just heard that...

Anonymous said...

Quit your complaining already. Here in VT we are having what the peeps in the biz like to call a "mixed bag". Rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow, frain, reet, sleezing snow, ass, etc., you get the picture.
Hey here's a surefire sign that spring is on it's way. I was at Wallyworld yesterday ( I know I was slumming, right?) and they had displays of seed packets laughing at me. Them cukes looked pretty good right now. 6 more weeks people (12 for me), that's all that's standing between us and spring.

LeLo said...

Look at all of you. Okay, here we go...

Pril: SoCal girls unite!

Bemused: I try to think of the wondrous things the weather is doing to the garden and all of that deep water will help trees and deep roots this August. Right. Like that's helping.

Blogzie: Sigh. See note to Pril.

STP: Touche.

CrackerLilo: No lightbox. I'm familiar with the theory and the waking up at 3am to stare into one just doesn't appeal to me. Good try though.

Anonymous/HeCa; You are a true freak: thank you for the Depeche Mode quote! *****heart****** them! Makes me want to listen to The Cure today....

Rozanne: Get out! Get out! Quick! While you can!

Brett: Native Oregonians don't seem to have as much of a problem: it's what you're used to. God bless you! I admire your vigorous walking despite the rain.

Annie: Your part of the country is one of my very favorites: Northern California coast is what enticed me to eventually move to Oregon. (I just kept driving north)

Blog Portland: I know; umbrellas are so not cool, aren't they? TOUGH IT UP PEOPLE!

Morethan; Yes, I'm with you: we don't let the rain keep us from getting on with our lives. I suppose it's the gloom that gets to me the most.

Bag-o-donuts: Shout out to Philly! So glad to see you in Blog land....Hail Mary full of grace!

RSG: You don't say? Maybe you should do some research on that.

MerchMikey: Oh bah: and stop fondling the cuke seeds at WalMart. They should kick you out for that.