Saturday, January 14, 2006

It’s winter. Obviously. So here are some photos of summer instead. And other sundry items.

It was nice to be away from the constant rain for a few days, but as much as I like Chicago, it’s nicer to be home.

It’s really wet here. The ground is saturated. The doormat oozed water when I stepped on it.

Puddles. Moss. Lots of moss everywhere. Noticed a few billboards around Portland today, they were wet, soaked and looked to be sliding off their framework. I kid you not when I say I saw one covered in mold. (It’s that horrible one that says “He sped, now she’s dead.” WTF: that campaign sucks.)

It’s really wet. And cold. In fact right now, it’s 38 degrees outside (thanks to a totally cool gift from my dad: wireless outside/inside thermometer!). Picasso is trying to hog the heat from the laptop, and upon receipt of last month’s heating bill, we’re wearing layers and have lowered the heater. Damn, anyone else notice how high gas rates are?

So it’s the time of year I think of summer, or at least that thing called the sun, and days of flip flops, the garden, and monster bouquets from the garden.

Aah, an afternoon photographing a huge dahlia a kajillion different ways….and look! My feet actually saw the light of day! Remember that feet? Yes you, underneath those socks, the time will come again!
Memories of summer

Quintessential summer…
Quintessential summer

Until then, I have my shrine to gardening weather set up inside…
Stand in for summer

Hang in there ya’ll. Only another 2 or 3 months of the constant grey, pouring rain, and cold weather. Sigh.

Before I left Chicago, snapped these… a fur store (I knew I wasn’t in Portland when I came across this shop)
This picture is not in Portland...
And dusk…
Skyline Chicago

Happy weekend peeps!


Anne said...

nice photos...i like the last one-of chicago at night. more rain here today too. soggy, soggy ground.

sttropezbutler said...


Have a great week yourself!


Zoe said...

Love the dahlia pics. We must be on the same wavelength, I was going to post longing for summer garden pics but I posted kayak pictures instead on my last post. I can't wait for my dahlias and lilies to bloom.
Let's not talk about gas prices and heating bills, I'm trying not to think about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I hate that campaign about speeding and dying. I have to look at the one wb Powell every freaking day.

Love the pics....especially that blue blue sky in the dahlia pic. I long for that.
I need to get my sweetpeas planted or I'll be without blossoms.


mindlessgirl said...

thanks so much for those pics...i needed, it is 6 degrees here WITHOUT the windchill...

Kathryn said...

I can't wait for a little sunshine!!!

LeLo said...

Annie: Hang in there. The sog will eventually give way to amazing California wildflowers.

STB; Of course!

Zoe: Gardening or kayaking? Are they really that much different?

Kismet: It's a disturbing campaign! I'm glad to know someone else thinks it sucks. Ditto on the sweetpeas. What kind are you planting?

Mindlessgirl: Uh, 6 degrees. Why the hell?! That is frickin' cray-zay. Get your ass to P-Town.

RSG: Me too. Everytime it came out today I ran outside and screamed a little.

Rozanne said...

Thanks for posting the dahlia photos. A very nice spirit lifter on such a bleak and gloomy day.

Nipped out and walked around yesterday during that sunbreak we had. My daffodils (and tulips!!!???) are surfacing. Yay!

Cher said...

Oh, Lelo - I'm a semi-regular lurker 'round here but that pic takes me back.
Be glad you didn't grow up in Chicago and spend your childhood watching crap Saturday afternoon TV. Otherwise you'd be singing the jingle from that store's commercials along with me.
("Feel the warmth and luxury that you de-ser-erve ...[company name] furs").
I an barely remember my own darned name sometimes, but that sticks with me. Sigh.