Monday, January 30, 2006

One of my favorite North Portland things

How can you not love this? It's lovely. The St. Johns bridge recently went through a multi year restoration. And it was worth it. What a beautiful bridge and icon.

Had a great weekend: it's the beginning of a very busy next 30 days. Meetings and retreats on the weekends, a quick trip to Seattle for the Chickenhawks in the superbowl game, another trip to Chicago this month, deadlines up the ying yang, and my birthday will cap off the month of February. Here's just a forewarning: I tend to get depressed in February. It's the greyest, rainiest, gloomiest month, and my birthday never measures up to the parties and birthdays of my childhood. Don't say you haven't been warned....


Blogzie said...

Don't be getting all depressed on us, Ms. Lelo. We need your wit and your energy.

Birthdays just suck as you get older. I've had 50 of them now and I've learned to have no expectations. It's just a day and it's all over in 24 hours.

That being said, let me be the first to say: Happy Birthday!


pack of 2 said...

did you hear that we are having the 5th rainiest January on record? They talked about that on the news yesterday.
I'm so ready for some sun!


Zoe said...

I kind of like grey and rainy, but I am realy tired of wiping dog paws every time they come in. And believe me, the White Tornado loves the mud.
Love the picture.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation we came home to more of the same here in Vermont.
Nice to see ya rockin' the photostitch

Radio Gretchen said...

Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should come up there and hang up a pinata and have a cookie decorating party for you. Where is the lemon tree to hang the pinata on?
Also, did you know there is a Wink, Texas? Pretty classy dog to have a town named after her!.
Warm hugs,