Monday, January 30, 2006

Ooohh look what I found today!

winter's violet
This sweet little violet is working so hard to keep it together in between the downpours, wind storms and all around blustery weather. And I'm referring to the photo there, not me. :)


Anonymous said...

Whilst sitting in the rest. at the Kennedy School the other day I was remarking on how, in the dead of winter, the foliage remains green and flowers evenb attempt to bloom.
As opposed to our crapfest of a winter (Vermont) which means wildly fluctuating temps and assloads of snow. In fact it's snowing again, right now. Sure it's nice for the first few weeks but then one remembers that we must live with this for 5, count em, 5 months out of the year.
OK enough bitching.
I was up in the Rose Garden saturday and was remarking on the fact that there are active little buds on many of the plants. Won't be long.

bemused said...

Oh, how wonderfully cheery! Thanks for sharing, I needed that.

mindlessgirl said...

ooo, guess what i found today...slush, lots of slush...i love slush, it is dangerous and dirty and a joy to drive in...mikey gets to stay home and work, so he can sound all positive about the coming of spring, but i on the other hand will continue to rant about the weather...and be very jealous about your weather...which should be ours in a few months...

LeLo said...

Mikey...It's this time of year I ask myself why I don't plant more for winter interest. Like they do at the Kennedy School. You have to plan for that, you know.

Glad the lil' violet brought you cheer, bemused. I was quite excited to see it myself.

Mindless, you couldn't pay me to live in slush. God bless you and the many people who do. Amen.