Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What do you hear when you close your eyes?

what do you hear when you close your eyes?
When I close my eyes I hear Lionel Richie. Lionel and I have a love/hate relationship. And since I heard him singing to me on the radio this morning (note to self: put CD from Superinky into car stereo), he’s now planted firmly in my brain.

“You are the sun, you are the rain…”

When I was in high school I went on a date with a friend to a Valentines Day dance. Roberto was a nice guy: funny, goofy, sweet and a good person. I thought of him as a good friend. Friend, is the key word. That night, as his mom chauffeured us to and from the dance, Roberto sat in the back of the car with me. Hmmm. Lionel Richie played loudly.

“That makes this love a foolish a game…”

Roberto put his arm around me. And sang along to the music. To me.

“You need to know, I love you so…”

And I thought to myself “oh shit, he likes me more than a friend.”

At the dance I tried to keep us in with groups of friends as much as we could, but it’s that car ride that seemed to go on forever. I wish I could remember what I wore. I’m pretty sure he had a Cosby sweater on.

Awkwardness. I hope I was nice to Roberto. Nothing ever came of our date, and I’m pretty sure he was a complete gentleman and walked me to the door. I think even from the door I could Lionel Richie.

Now when I hear Lionel, I’m filled with this kind of awkward dread. I think that means I need to open my eyes and change the radio station.

So there you go for Self Portrait Tuesday, this week on Wednesday due to the holiday, and thanks to Brett for getting me off my ass and posting a portrait this week. Go check out Brett’s new hairdo: it’s very handsome.


Anonymous said...

lol @ "that means I need to open my eyes and change the radio station" - particularly, I think, if you're driving ;-)

quite the pensive self-portrait. in a category of its own :)

good story, too. I wonder if Roberto remembers you?

Zoe said...

I love how music can tranport you right to a specific point in time. I also hate that about music.
As always, great picture.

Rozanne said...

The return of the Dutch Angle. Yay!!!!

Good pic--looks like you're riding in the passenger seat of a convertible on a summer day. *Not* listening to Lionel Ritchie.

I hope he's gotten rid of that '80s Jeri curl by now.

bemused said...

What do I hear when I close my eyes? "You're feeling veeerrry sleepy..."

Love the Tuesday portraits!

Anne said...

when i saw the name lionel richie, i threw up in my mouth a little!
funny memory... music is amazing like that.

Anonymous said...

wha? can't not like Taylor.
You'll come around right? He's so cute!!

Anonymous said...

*TACKLE HUG* YAY!! I am sooo happy Taylor isn't the guy you thought he was!!
I was thinking, 'how could anyone hate Taylor?'.
I totally agree though about the guy you're talking about. He gives me the creeps. He's like an ex boyfriend who stalks you or something.

Anonymous said...

Luv the lashes! Luv the hair! Luv it ALL!!!!! What do I hear when I close my eyes? Honking horns. Darn it, now after seeing your picture, I close my eyes and hear, "You must be an Angel. I can see it in your eyes, full of wonder and surprise...." Madonna. I guess my flame is buring bright right now. OXOXOXOXO

sttropezbutler said...



Just typing his name sort of makes me sick. LOL

Have a great weekend!


The Q said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday Lelo!!! You're *ahem* 29? WOW! I would have guessed 26 or 27ish :-)

pack of 2 said...

HAPPY Birthday Lelo!

Glad you had a good time at the game.

Hope it was a great birthday!


Pissy Britches said...

Happy Birthday Lelo!!

Kami said...

Happy 29th (ahem) birthday!!

Blogzie said...

Did I miss it?

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Whenever it was...