Saturday, March 04, 2006


The bunny cake was something my mom and I made when I was eleven or so. It was quite exciting, and I’m sure we took pictures (though I can’t find any myself). Here’s a picture of someone elses:

It’s pretty easy. Two round cakes, one makes the head, and you cut the second into the bow tie and ears. Assemble, frost, and decorate with coconut, jellybeans, licorice, etc. You can add food coloring to some of the coconut to create different colored areas, and as a kid, it’s fun.

And I’m not the only one with the bunny cake memories.

So I consulted my mom recently for advice on what to bring to a dog themed party. Of course mom got right on it, and I described to her amazing party food I’d seen recently, including Rozanne’s sister’s March of the Penguins appetizers . (Note to self: they would make a great Academy Awards party treat: seriously, check that link out!) Within a day, mom sent an e mail suggesting a Wink cake—a variation on the bunny cake.

Of course!

Wink, the original:
Wink Satine
Wink, the cake:
Wink as a cake!

Yellow box cake (sorry, not enough time for scratch) and cream cheese frosting recipe courtesy of (what did I do before epicurious?). A little toasted coconut for her unique ear color, a dusting of coconut all over, jellybeans, and voila. I even remembered to use the cutting board covered in foil as the platform. Great thinking mom! Party was great and Wink got to play with lots of big dogs, hop on lots of people’s laps, and run around in a new environment. Quite fun. And then we ate her. Or, at least her cake.
If you look over the years, the styles have changed - the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it's really the same.
—John Oates


Rozanne said...

The Wink cake turned out great!!!! But was it hard to bring yourself to cut her up in slices?

Bunny cakes are weird as are lamb cakes. We had a lamb cake at Easter every year of my childhood. It was store-bought and flavorless. Nevertheless, there was always a bit fight over who was going to eat the head.

Next you should make a Barbie Cake

It has a very high freak factor.

LeLo said...

I'm not familiar with the lamb cake! Is that like the lamb of god?

As for the barbie cake, I was the recipient of one of those just a few years ago. LOVE THEM!

Homemade cakes in specific shapes are so much more fun than the store-bought sheet cakes with tons of #4 dye colored frosting.

sttropezbutler said...

You do make me smile my dear!



Anne said...

oh my god i want to eat that win cake!
we also made easter bonnet cakes and valentine cakes. gramma marie was the cake queen.

Zoe said...

Oh my god, this is so freaking weird. I hadn't thought about one of those cakes in a long ass time and today Betty Please and I were having a conversation about these cakes. I was talking about how we used to make them every year when I was young. She said my mom probably decided she didn't need to them anymore because I was gay and all, and that she probably sends one to my brother every year. Anyway, then I check your blog and bam, you've got a picture of one.

mindlessgirl said...

how timely...just yesterday, lu asked me if we could make a bunny cake...i told her she needed to wait until it was closer to easter...not b/c i think bunny cakes are only appropriate for the ressurection, but b/c i am lazy and am putting it off as long as possible...bad step-mommy...

Kathryn said...

The Wink cake was oh so beautiful!

The Q said...

That is the cutest thing EVER! I don't think I could make a cake in the replica of my dog....I'm not sure how I'd get the snarling teeth look :-)

You (and your Mom) really have a knack for making awesome, adorable cakes! Will you guys come to my birthday party and make me a cake?

Rozanne said...

Yeah, I think the lamb cake is symbolic of "the lamb of god," which is Jesus, right?

That just makes the whole concept even weirder--and the freak factor even higher.

You had a Barbie cake and you didn't post a photo of it on your blog? I cannot believe it!

Rozanne said...

OK. I misread (the first time that has ever happened). I now realize that the Barbie cake was pre-blog.

geeekgirl said...


That is so awesome.