Saturday, March 11, 2006

Guest Blogging: Duncan Speaks

Yeah hey, what’s up. Duncan here. I’m visiting for the weekend while my daddy is in Las Vegas. It’s pretty cush and I’m layin’ low. LeLo and AdRi take me for lots of walks, we hung out and watched the Dog Whisperer and Grizzly Man today.

And then there’s the hot babe, Wink. That thing is CRAZY man! CRAZY! She’s all over me all the time, jumping, playing bitey face, I know she wants me. I’ve been trying to get it on with her all weekend but she’s just a tease. I got so worked up last night, I thought I’d grab LeLo by the arm and go to town with her. She kinda freaked out, so then I just grabbed her leg and went for it. I don’t know why she and AdRi were laughing so hard: I’m a hot stud.
Crazy doggy fun
I’m lovin’ playing with Wink. We run back and forth and back and forth. I use my butt to keep her in check. And look! I even taught her a few smooth moves….

***warning***the following photos may not be safe for viewing at work****

Uh, Wink? You're a girl!
Whoa. Wink really. Stop it.
Hey. That’s my smooth move! Dang. Wink is really confused. Maybe I should go find that arm again….
LeLo here: Duncan is SO not getting it on with my arm again. And now Wink is fully attempting to hump Duncan. All. The. Time. Hello all of you dog lovers: is this normal? They’re both fixed. Duncan is a boy, Wink is a girl. They’re attempting to hump each other incessantly. Is it possible? And why is Wink taking on the boy role?! Speechless. I’m speechless. Cesar Millan ! Help us!


The Q said...

Absolutely, positively NORMAL! It's not even sexual (if you can believe that!) Why bother, huh?

It's a dominance thing. I used to date an Animal Behaviorist (no Cesar Millan, but such is life). For whatever reason to a dog, the humping can signify an "I'm dominant over you" thing and it can extend to people, other dogs and even (ewww) inanimant objects (stuffed animals, etc)

Aren't animals a hoot! :-)

To Duncan:

You're one lucky dog dude! Enjoy the pretty ladies and be a gentleman!

Blogzie said...

To quote Paris Hilton:

That's Hot.


sttropezbutler said...

And further more...doesn't this say everything about gender roles being something we bring to the table, that perhaps if we didn't have so many "rules" about what is correct...things might be a lot better for a lot of people and dogs and cats etc!

Oh shut up STB!


Zoe said...

White Tornado loves to express her dominance over Sylvia's dog all the time. Our 4 dogs really are a little pack, so we figured we need to let them sort out their hierarchy. WT is a bit shorter, so she hops up and down keeping one foot on the ground as she's humping her friend. It's sick, but we laugh and say, " oh you get her, you tell that bitch who's boss."

mindlessgirl said...

oh my, doggy porn with a subtle reference to beastiality....lelo, you naughty grrrl!

psst...diggin' on the new layout!

Anonymous said...

cracking me up in central Indiana!!! they say laughter is the best medicine, so maybe this crappy bug I have will go away after I read this post like 10 million more times ;-)

Very interesting info from SoozieQ! btw, are we ALL geeks out here in the blogosphere or what? hehehe

Gravely Gay said...

I like the layout, very minimalistic.

LeLo said...

SoozieQ and Zoe: Phew! Thank you for that information and insight. I thought there was some crazy sexual tension thing going on, but the jockeying for dominance thing totally makes sense. At this point, it's the amount they are doing it. Constantly!

JM: Yes, yes he is.

Blogzie: I can't believe you quoted Paris Hilton.

STB: Don't think I haven't thought twice about this post and what I was saying and what words I was using etc. etc. You are so right!!!!!!!!

little sister: glad the humping post was able to provide you with some much needed laughter. :)

mindlessgirl and rigo: thanks for noticing! yeah, a little change up now and then is a good thing.

Rozanne said...

I like the new template, too, although I kind of miss the toasters, since toast is one of my favorite things ever!

Those are some great pix of Wink and Duncan going at it (I know they're not really).

I love watching dogs play! They have no inhibitions.