Sunday, March 26, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday on Sunday

self portrait tuesday on sunday
Somehow it seems appropriate to be doing this self portrait on Sunday morning. While lots of folks are at church. AdRi and I don't go to church. I have church "issues." And it's probably time I get over them. But I'm angry, and sad, and pissed, that the bible is being used to justify bigotry and discrimination against glbtq people. But not everyone.

Take for example this campaign. It's inspirational to see and hear from the Christian community against those using organized religion to hurt.
Check out that website. It's a pretty cool project.

I can't get into religious talk. I can't quote scripture. And I'm concerned about the growing closeness of church and state. I respect that others have religious beliefs and convictions, but why do they have to use it in ways to judge?

I grew up going to church not by my parent's will, but by my own seeking out place, comfort, peace and introspection. I went to Catholic high school. I played piano for an evangelical church. I was baptised at 18. I've gone in and out of organized religion. And I've been "out" of it for awhile. But I think I'll probably be going back in. It's just a question of where. And when. Happy Sunday ya'll, and happy self portrait Tuesday on church day.


Zoe said...

I've never been.. my mother went to a parochial school where the nuns smacked her hands for writing with her left hand.. she didn't want me to be affiliated with that. I've considered going- my ex and I contemplated it.. but never did. There is a church down here that one of my mentors who is 'out' goes to and my dad and stepmom just bought a house a few blocks from there... maybe I'll go and see how it feels.

Zoe said...

It's a tough journey for everyone. You'd think being an atheist would be easy, but the fact is that I probably think about god and religion more than most.

Anne said...

i am a recovering catholic girl-

church-free since about 1972.

my mom's people were crazed

midwestern catholics. it was all

pretty frightening, for my taste.

love that pin.

sttropezbutler said...

That pin speaks volumes. I have yet to understand what it is about church that makes people want to attend...and trust me...I have tried it....although I was never a believer.


brett said...

yeh, it scares me daily to see the populous moving closer and closer to religion. i feel it has to do with the boomers realizing they are eventually going to die and are looking for peace.

thoughts on the l-word finaly? was shocked by one item, but not by the other.

bemused said...

It's not just atheists or agnostics who share your concerns, lelo. I'm a Christian and I'm very distressed to see what is happening. Holier-than-thou types leave me cold, especially when they warp faith and the bible to serve their pseudo-Christian goals and politics. Here, here for the separation of church and state!

My plea to the group is to please not lump all people of faith together in the same bushel as the bad apples. There will be a backlash to this movement soon and I predict you'll find religious people among those working to reverse the current fanatical thrust.

Radio Gretchen said...

Amen, bemused. After all, Jesus was a liberal. It's time to take back the faith...

LeLo said...

bemused and gretchen-definitely check out the link for an example of people of faith doing something to counter the ugly, loud voices misusing christianity. I'm with you.

brett-i'm with you. and as for L word....great ending. glad to see the chart go full circle. but damn that shane! did you know her father was played by julia roberts' father?!

stb, annie and zoe-the pin was a gift from a good friend, knowing my struggle and frustration.

blu-i've been to a great methodist church in and affirming church. nice!

bemused said...

lelo, I checked out the site this evening. I teared up watching the intro and I'm still reading all the great information there. Bravo for them! And thank you for posting it!

LeLo said...

Correction on my comment: On The L Word finale, Shane's father was played by the actor who is Julie Roberts' brother, not father.

jojo said...

lelo, amen. it is amazing how (for some reason) my drift through blogs always lands me right where i need to be. i love to hear peoples thoughts on religion. i tend to be down on christianity since eduring it (catholicism) for 19 years of my life. i wont be going back "in" but i do appreciate the efforts of any group, cause, and even religious movement to further peace and tolerance in these times. happy sunday... well Wedsnesday now =) Cheers!

Kami said...

I love the pin. You must get me one.