Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Paris gets a taste of reality

Jean-Paul Gaultier has finally redeemed himself as the notorious designer of Madonna’s cone boobed bustier: he sent big girls down the Paris runway as well as a model in her 50s. Wow, what a concept. Real women who wear real clothes. Brilliant! With the brou-ha-ha over anorexic looking models this year (oh they’re not anorexic they’re skinny!—gah, have a sandwich!) I love that he did this. The outfit? The hair? Well, I didn’t say I’d buy it, did I?….

Speaking of runway. America’s Next Top Model has once again grasped me in its claws. Anyone see Miss Jay’s girl scout outfit last week? Love her. And the nod to Tyra being all drag queen, hello! She’s so drag! But I love her more every season. Don’t make me imitate the girls when they get Tyra Mail….(yelling screaming jumping up and down would ensue).


Rozanne said...

I just watched The Devil Wears Prada at the Laurelhurst, which only confirmed my opinion of the fashion world (yeah, I know it was meant to be satire)--that it is cutthroat and fatuous.

How refreshing that they're allowing some real women down the runway.

CrackerLilo said...

Re Gaultier: It's about damn time, as long as the women weren't made the butts of jokes. I'm thinking of boys in my school who'd compete to bring the ugliest girl they could to the prom--it was called "dogfighting" and broke girls' hearts.

Anonymous said...

That's right - real women have big thighs and big round bellies, and they also feel sexy in expensive lingerie. And she's struttin' it well!

The only thing I don't like is you /have/ to buy the expensive stuff so it won't roll under the cellulite (or in my case, hail damage).

Monogram Queen said...

Hurrah for them.
What irks me is that size 12-14 is considered "Plus". Not in MY world!

StePHen said...

TYRA MAIL TYRA MAIL!!!! OMG!!! ITS HERE!!! TYRA MAIL!! hahaha... i LOVE that they are putting real women out there on the runway. rockin!