Sunday, December 17, 2006

The neighbors

We are the grinches this year in our neighborhood. No lights, no swags of evergreen, no inflatables. Everyone around us has their electricity meter running in high mode while we, the grinches with the crazy garden, don't have a thing up. Bah humbug. And that's the way it will be this year.

AdRi brought home a wreath the other day, and it's lovely. But with the construction going on, it sits on the table taking up precious space. I don't know what to do with it but I'm afraid if I suggest giving it away, it would only make her sad.

We normally decorate, but I just can't justify putting the holiday decor up in a house such a-jumble. Should we cover the mound of dirt from the hole to the sewer line with the twinkle netting lights? Should I attempt to hang the wreath on the zipper of the big plastic sheets separating out the living room? Oh people, it's going to be a long three months. Yes. Three months. The schedule calls for this to be complete the last week of March.

As I force myself to sing "Look on the Sunny Side" from that great Oh Brother, Where Fore Art Though? soundtrack, I bring you a few pics from our neighborhood holiday decorator. Yes, just a few streets away can be found this amazing house covered with lights and decor. Happy holidays.
now THAT is christmas decorating
even in the windows


Anonymous said...

It's OK to not decorate your construction site. Relax.

SassyFemme said...

There will be other years for decorating. As for the house in the pics, OMG! How long must it take to put up, AND to take down?!!!

brett said...

you should swing by che superinkygirl/dieselboi for some holiday lights. we got about 3500.

Anonymous said...

B and I took a long walk from our house down to Hawthorne last night, and apart from the Peacock Lane extravaganza, it seems to me that you're probably not the only one in Bah, Humbug mode or Bah, We're Too Busy mode.

No worries. Just hang in there and enjoy what's there.

For the record, we never do *any* decorating and I don't feel guilty about it!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, bright and christmas-y is cool and all, but those pictures look like Sant, the Mrs., the elves, and the reindeer came along and threw up Christmas Cheer all over those houses!