Thursday, December 14, 2006

Transition, Renovation, Vacation and other ations

There's a port-a-potty in my driveway. There's a hole dug on the side of the house 8 feet down to the sewer line. There's a huge plastic sheet with a zipper in the middle of my living room. Our furniture has been pushed together and covered with knick knacks. There's also the plastic zipper dividing the new living space in the basement. My guest room is demolished down to the studs. My stairs are covered in plastic and paper. And the kitchen doesn't even begin until after the new year. Complete demolition and redesign. And did I tell you our phoneline isn't working?

Tomorrow is my last day at work. AdRi's cousin from Mexico arrives tomorrow evening.

My home, my life, my career are all undergoing transition and renovation, and the planned little vacation may be a bit more stressful than planned. In fact, I think the next few months may be a bit more stressful than planned.

That's what I get for not celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe on Tuesday. Pray for this household, please.

P.S. UPDATE: tonight's windstorm has taken down our beautiful custom garden fence. Broken posts and all, and 6 year old clematis. Pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


purpletwinkie said...

I'm prayin for ya sistah.

Lynne said...

Don't forget to take big deep cleansing breaths.

bemused said...

Oooooh noooo! I feel your pain (remember when my lovely sourwood cracked in half last year?). I'll pay homage at the feet of the Goddess Flora and ask that she grant healing for your garden.

Anonymous said...

It will all be worth it in the end!!!!

Sorry about the fence. I hope it can be repaired without too much trouble expense.


Anonymous said...

I too am in a I'll pray for all of us.

Poor Lelo, et al!

SassyFemme said...

Just keep breathing, it'll all work out.

Anonymous said...

Egads, lots happening and plenty of prayin' to be done. Might I suggest this for Wink so that you have your bases covered?

LeLo said...

I get the feeling I may know you but don't know: you must leave some sort of initials so I know who you are! As for that lovely product, wow. I had no idea. Sounds like the PERFECT gift for Wink. Even if she's an atheist.