Friday, April 20, 2007

Adventures into Suburbia

I don’t venture into the suburbs a whole lot. So when I do, it can feel like visiting a foreign land. Different cars, smells, accents, clothing, and I like to imagine what it would be like to live there. Today was one of those days.*

We spent a little time this afternoon at a cool coffee shop called Iron Mutt, where you can have coffee and bubble tea, mmmmmm……bubble tea , while sitting outside in a fenced in area while your dog frolics around. As we sat there enjoying the experience of being at a strip mall, sitting in the sun, we saw something strange across the street. It was a man and woman, walking their dog. And pushing a baby stroller. Wait. That’s not a baby stroller. That’s one of those dog walking strollers. And in it? A cat. But wait. It gets better. On top of the cat stroller, was a bird cage. And in it, a bird.

It was a surreal moment. Traffic buzzing by, my pasty white Oregon winter skin experiencing the sun….this does not compute. I’m kind of glazing over as I write this. Okay, snap to. If I lived in the suburbs would I walk my cat in a stroller and take my bird out for some fresh air on a 5 lane road? Would I?

If you’re in Hillsboro, stop by the Iron Mutt and enjoy the place. Wink enjoyed the free dog treats, and we enjoyed the whole thing.

On that note, happy weekend!

*I have never seen so many teenagers in my life: they're all in the suburbs!


purpletwinkie said...

Accents? You make it sound like Hillsboro is Siberia. Hahaha ;)

p.s. I want to see your cork. Hope it didn't pop.

Kathryn said...

Yes well, welcome to my world. All Suburbs, All the Time.

I don't think I'll be walking my cat and bird, however. Even if I had a cat and a bird.

I am also excited to see the cork.

Monogram Queen said...

Wow sounds like something out of the Far Side! LOL

Maggie said...

I agree with Patti, it does sound like a Far Side. As long as the bird is a parrot and he's squawking, "Dead man walking! Dead man walking!"

Rozanne said...

Too freakin' weird. What cat would actually stay put in a stroller? Either it was dead or it was strapped down.

Corina said...

I am going to the suburbs in May! I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

"I am going to the suburbs in May! I am so excited!"

That made me laugh out loud! The suburbs are indeed like going to another country. They're a country I emigrated from and have no interest in visiting any more often than I have to! The People's Republic of Portland is now my homeland! :)