Saturday, June 09, 2007

Roses roses roses and more roses

It's high rose season here in Portland, and I actually experienced an entire Rose Festival Parade today. Though it was from the dry perch of a downtown parking garage: that is the way to do it. Screw the tape and camping out. Pay $7 for a parking spot in a garage and have a perfectly situated set up, out of the elements, to take in the parade. It was actually fun.

But for the real rose experience, we trekked down to St. Paul the other day for a visit to one of my favorite places in Oregon, Heirloom Roses. Imagine eons of roses, dripping from every corner, sprinkling petals at your feet. All different kinds, all differently scented. I bet I stuck my nose in hundreds of roses that day. And it took everything in me to not buy one. We have nine heirloom roses in our garden now, ten if you count the suckers coming up from the area where we dug out a rose last year. And oh how I love them. Now if you're thinking these are the fussy roses that get blackspot and rust and have to be coddled, you're wrong. Those are hybrid teas. I'm talking about the old fashioned heirloom roses, like moss roses, grandifloras, ramblers, climbers, albas. These are decadent flowers that smell like the rose water perfume grandmas wear. Some smell like citrus, or musk. Before I show you photos from our trip, here's what the roses cut from our garden look like...
smell this suckas
And here's what they look like growing at Heirloom Roses...
the amazing blooming hedge
that there is a tree climbing rose
cabbage roses
ah, lovely
I know you think this one is called Candycane, but it's not.
And because I am not capable of stifling my sarcasm, I give you this. I think she had a little too much to drink.
tipsy imperial concubine
For some reason I don't think this is the best name for this plant.
good news
And the following photo? Well, I couldn't help myself. You go, girls! (I'm tempted to say this is a photo of me and my parents but then I'm afraid some of you might actually believe it.)
you go girls!
Okay, I think that's enough photos to keep your browsers loading for awhile. Happy Rose Festival to my fellow Oregonians, and to all who love a little romantic flower in their lives.


SassyFemme said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the added bonus of the Red Hat ladies!

Anonymous said...

I must get out there for a rose of my own.

Monogram Queen said...

I Love roses and I plan to be a red hat society lady!

bemused said...

Heirloom Roses is such a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing the photos.

I'd heard about the Red Hat Society but honestly, I've never seen a group of them. I started thinking it was an urban legend - a modern day version of Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster, if you will. Thanks for the proof! I'm a believer now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great ROSES at YOUR home! Beautiful blooms! We LOVE Heirloom Roses and almost went last weekend.....gots to go there soon while things are at their peak. Thanks for the reminder, your pics talked me into it.

Rozanne said...

How is it I have never been to Heirloom Roses?!? What a splendid place. I'll have to get out there in the next couple of weeks if at all possible.

Red Hat Society = Scary. Sorry, but that's the way I feel.

Rozanne said...

Actually, I guess I don't think the Red Hat Society is scary so much as sad and troubling. It seems to me that the whole thing is built on the premise that people automatically discount women over "a certain age." And I know that supposedly the Red Hat Society claims that it's supposed to be empowering, but I think all it does is perpetuate stereotypes about older women. And then there's a whole line of Red Hat merchandise and apparel, which is just the ugliest-ass stuff on the planet and makes the women look ridiculous.

Someone is laughing his way all the way to the bank with this Red Hat crap.

LeLo said...

Regarding the Red Hat Society, I couldn't agree with you more, Rozanne. Scary!!!! I used to like the phrase "When I'm an old woman I'll wear purple" but unfortunately, this society has ruined that whole thing for me. I cringe everytime I see groups of the Red Hat Society!e

Jim said...

Thanks for posting about this. My mom is visiting and she would enjoy walking through the rose gardens. She's enjoying all the roses in my nieghborhood.