Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quintessential summer to-do in Portland

Someone asked me last night what I've been up to this summer and I realized in my answers (gardening, blueberry picking, BBQing with friends, concerts in the park, daytrips to the beach) it was really the first time in a long time that I was living my Oregon life. Not traveling for work all over the place or working too much to enjoy the season. I'm doing all the things I love so much right here in Oregon. Maybe it doesn't sound sexy, I suppose, but I'm loving it.

And one of those quintessential summer things to do is to pick blueberries. Yum yum and double yum. But more than the yum, is to be on a farm, on a warm summer day, in among the bushes that themselves are so pretty...
Blueberries growing are pretty

And breathing in the fresh air. The wind in the trees. Kids giggling and picking a few rows over. The muggy warm weather making my shirt cling to my back and looking up at the blue summer sky....
Summer day on a farm

And the blueberries themselves are so gorgeous. Is this post making you want a blueberry? Here, have one.
Care for a blueberry?

Blueberries really and truly are blue.
Blueberries really are blue


Rozanne said...

I love the phrase "living my Oregon life." Really love it!

So glad you are getting a chance to do it. Every day, I feel grateful and fortunate to live here (I have this feeling I've already typed this comment on your blog at one or more points--but it's true!). There's no better place to live--at least not in the United States.

Great photos. When I first glanced at the blueberry farm photo, I thought you were on some hiking trail that was lined with huckleberries. I think it's the upward tilt and all the sky you got in the shot. Really nice.

OK. Back to work. QFA.

Monogram Queen said...

My sister has about 12 blueberry bushes but she didn't share this year :( It's so wonderful you know how to appreciate "small" things.

SassyFemme said...

Oh those blueberries look so yummy!

Glad you're enjoying your summer.