Saturday, September 15, 2007

For the kindness of bloggers: Tomatillos!

(This is the second of a series on the kindness of bloggers and blogreaders and how incredibly kind they are.)
I've been a fan of Scuff Productions for awhile, reading about birdwatching, gardening, farming and lots of other good stuff in between. Mark is a serious preserver. Roger and Mark make jam and can like crazy, and they have the space to have a really big garden. Well, bigger than what we have in the city, at least. And I love that all of this canning and preserving is by two men.

So when I dropped them a compliment for canning who knows how many jars of tomatillo sauce, never did I imagine I'd soon be the recipient of two jars of the stuff, their famous apricot jam, and a bag of extra homegrown tomatillos. Delivered. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
homegrown tomatillos from mark
Too. Frickin'. Nice.

You know what I did with the tomatillos, right?

And I'm saving those jars and jam for a taste of summer this winter, courtesy of my friend Mark. You're the best.


Monogram Queen said...

Damn Lelo you are racking up lately homegirl!

Anonymous said...

Lelo! Hey! I never expected your writeup! I had wondered what happened though, I admit! I thought maybe they were too small to use. NOW I HAVE saved your recipe for that salsa, and think it WILL be the PERFECT ending for those last few bunches of tomatillos out there... WE too are fans of Bayless! THANKS for that recipe! You probably will hate the canned salsa after I read about your roasted fresh stuff. Hm. Maybe I must go to Red Bike Cafe for Fresh Home-made Coffee Ice Cream Milkshake. A milkshake I wouldn't have KNOWN about except for your writing here.