Monday, September 03, 2007

For the love of dogs

wink at the dog park
PAGent has written such nice things about having a dog, since the lovely Gus came into their lives this summer. I read this one this morning and it's been making me think how my life is different with a dog, and how much better it is with Wink in it.

Our friends recently became a first-time household with a dog, and it's fun to now share our dogs with each other (even though they have some kinks to work out between them, we're confident Maddie and Wink will become friends).
maddie chillin' at the dog park
Wink brings us closer to our neighbors (in good ways), and has introduced us to so many neighborhood kids (she's totally a kid magnet) and gets us out and about more to Portland's really stellar park system. Sure, she's a maltipoo, and doesn't bound with crazy energy and abandon like a lab or terrier, but don't let her "purse dog" breed fool you. She's as happy-go-lucky as they come. And we continually tell ourselves how lucky we are to have her in our family.

The other night she was barking like crazy, running from window to window and then to the back door. Sure enough, an opossum was working its way through the garden and Wink thought she better let us know. Thanks, Wink. We feel much safer now.


Ali and Evan said...

You know Lelo, I was talking with Tanya of the Orleans Candle shop and she mentioned that she was interested in starting a Barkus festival for Nopo...sounds pretty fun to us!

Monogram Queen said...

I have a yorkipoo and he is not a "pursedog" either. I heart my little guy. He and the kitties bring so much to our lives! You know I love the Wink pics and Maddie is adorable too.

witchtrivets said...

Having never met Wink, I can't say for sure, but she seems like a really great dog. I have met Wink's sister, and she is just adorable. I wanted to take her home with me. In general, I agree, life with a dog is far superior to life without. Bentley agrees as well.

LeLo said...

Ali & Evan-A Barkus festival! I need to stop in and visit with them!

Patti_cake-Your yorkipoo is adorable. But most of all, I just like saying yorkipoo. Yorkipoo, yorkipoo, yorkipoo!

Witchtrivets-She IS a great dog. And her sister Ginger is so sassy! Love them both.