Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For Halloween I predict the most popular candy we'll give out...

...will be the gummy eyeball.
I've got my eye on you
I will not be applying the "take your pick from the bowl" technique. Oh no no no. I've learned we run out of candy way too early. But we do have a nice selection. I predict 100+ kids on our doorstep tonight. At minimum.
The stash
Our favorite neighborhood kids will get REAL SIZE candy bars. I know, aren't we good to them? I don't think our decor will scare them, but it's kinda scaring me.
Decor, check
And a certain someone is not particularly happy about wearing her costume. She does glow in the dark, though.
Yes, you have to wear the costume
Happy Halloween!


purpletwinkie said...

Hmm. I wonder what I would get if I came trick or treating at your house? Probably some Taco Bell hot sauce packets, or maybe some Starbucks stir sticks.

Anonymous said...

we don't get any kids here in L.O. never have...weird.

Rob at Kintropy said...

Gummy eyeballs were a big hit with our kids. My brother, advocating for his son, was trying to trade my kids for theirs!

Anonymous said...

While hiding in the office to avoid trick-or-treaters last night, I swear I saw a pic of Wink in different clothes on the O's front page. Was that from the archives? I was really smitten.

LeLo said...

PT-Well I know you wouldn't get Splenda packets. Like someone I know.

Packof2-That's what you get for living in LO!

Rob at Kintropy-Of course! They're gross! And yes, they were a huge hit with the trick or treaters here last night. All gone.

Christine-Your eyes do not deceive you, you were right. That was Wink in her costume from last year. She hated that thing so much I couldn't bring to put it on her again this year. But the photo lives on in infamy.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh i'd give anything to get 100 trick or treaters! Happy Belated Hallwoeen Lelo!