Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hipsters are everywhere and they're everyone's problem!

Ooh, you know it's a good day when readers are sending me tidbits and goodies. Like this one and Hipster Hunter. Come on, Portland, send in your photos. You know you got 'em. I tend to think we invented the whole classification of Hipster on Wheels, I mean, didn't we?!

Props to HeNor for sending this little tidbit in. Hipsters represent!


Syd said...

That link is funny as shit!

Second day in a row that I've read about the Hipster overrun in Portland. (I'm putting it politely)

Monogram Queen said...

Okay i'm nowhere near Hipster.. moving on to the haunted house paragraph (p.s I joined glassgiant.com)

Samuel John Klein said...

I have a hipster-ish cow-orker. He's pretty cool actually–loves jazz nobody else cares about, thinks Dylan is teh shizzle...but we can't hate on him, because he's a nice person who respects other people's likes and opinions and is pretty cool to talk with about cinema.

He does have the glasses, tho.

LeLo said...

Ah, I don't hate on hipsters. Some of my best friends are hipsters!