Friday, November 09, 2007

A different kind of food post

If you're making plans, lists, and gathering recipes for Thanksgiving, here's one to add: Donate a dinner to Loaves & Fishes. Loaves & Fishes delivers meals to thousands of homebound seniors in the Portland area, often offering the only social interaction to isolated seniors during their day. This Thanksgiving so many of us will gather with friends, family and loved ones and eat amazing food, but so many of our neighbors will not. You can easily donate a dinner at any New Seasons stores, along with Thriftway and others listed on that link I gave you there above, make a donation on-line, or get involved and volunteer with a fantastic organization.

I've mentioned our 94-year-old neighbor we befriended this summer. We recently took him to a Spaghetti Feed at our local Loaves & Fishes center, and it was just a great way to get out, interact with other seniors, and have a nutritious hot meal. And we had fun, too. Chatting with him we learn so much about a life lived through different eras, his children, spouses, and the death of the love of his life several years back. It was a great night out (we were home by 6:30pm!) and I saw first hand the awesome volunteers and staff who make nights like that happen.

This Thanksgiving AdRi and I will be delivering meals to seniors, and while they've filled all of the delivery positions for the day, you can easily donate a meal when you're buying the makings for your own Thanksgiving, make an end-of-the-year donation on-line (tax deductible!) or become a volunteer for other times of the year. And if you have a senior living alone in your neighborhood, like many of us here in North Portland do, get to know them and make a friend. Our lives are richer because of them.


Tricia said...

I'm thinking this might be the year where I finally donate in my various relative's names for presents this year. Do some good instead of buying more crap.

Rozanne said...

That's a great cause, and it's nice to know that people have already stepped up to the plate to do the deliveries. I just go a request from them in the mail that I set aside to look at later, so thanks for the reminder.

P.S. I love the term "spaghetti feed," don't you? I wonder why feed is only ever used with spaghetti, though? You never hear of a pancake feed or a hamloaf feed or a malt-o-meal feed. Why is that?

purpletwinkie said...

This is wonderful, L. You inspire me every day.

Radio Gretchen said...

Of all of the many, many places I have temped over the years - Loaves and Fishes was one of the best places to work. Such good people, such an amazing mission. Their clients really vary and are a largely overlooked part of the Portland population - but they have stories worth hearing.

Monogram Queen said...

Lelo this is a wonderful thing to introduce to those who may not know about it. I donate and volunteer at our local Manna House in Florence and i'm proud to say I put my $ where my mouth is when it comes to helping those less fortunate. Manna House, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, The American Cancer Society and the Humane Society are my charities of choice. We used to go around to the nursing homes and sing Christmas Carol's and they loved it. I don't know why we stopped. Perhaps i'll be the one to get it going again this year. I LOVE old people, love talking to them, hearing their stories, point of view etc. I miss my grandparents so much. The elderly are a very valuable asset to us all and so many are missing out on those "gems". How I would love to talk to your neighbor!

Maggie said...

Here in Missoula, we have Missoula Aging Services that are really good for helping seniors get help with heating bills, someone to shovel their walks, getting them to and from appointments, etc. The national AARP website has links to help you find them. :)

Great job LeLo!