Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Having a homemade holiday?

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org
Keep your dollars close to home this holiday and buy homemade. I know I know. I've often been the person who says "oh I could make that" but then I never had the time. I was just way too busy. But others are out there (hello!), especially available on-line and by fantastic artists right here in Portland, making some really incredible handmade stuff. You can even make a pledge to buy and give handmade this holiday season. How cool is that?

As you know from yesterday's muy exciting post, I've been getting a bit crafty myself. Luckily, most of our family and friends who are receiving our gifts this year don't read this blog, but I've been sewing and stitching like a fiend. Take for example, these very fun kitchen towels, featuring muy guapo Mexican wrestlers...
Lucha Libre!
Lucha Libre Face off!
#1 Lucha Libre

These would look great on a men's apron, so if you're interested in an apron for a guy in your life, yes, I do make them. Blue and white gingham, embroidery on the front, a little jean pockets goin' on. Hot. Just let me know.

And a big shout out to Rozanne today, who was my very first Etsy customer. Yeah! Thank you Rozanne! Look at the sweet little number she bought...
Calorie Counter Apron

Yeah for keepin' it handmade. I know I have very little desire to spend the next month in the malls. And fortunately, you don't have to. Here's to the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

Ooh! I didn't know this was a whole movement! We thought we created the idea. When we moved to Portland two years ago we decided together that we'd limit our Christmas giving to: one gift for each family member, from the whole family; locally made by someone we could preferably meet; and inexpensive. Yes, even my kids "got" the idea and love the things they've received. It's made Christmas so much nicer and simpler and more meaningful.

I'll come check out what you've got on Etsy! That's where we found Mark, who creates new stuffed animals from recycled old stuffed animals. My son still loves Yabbo, his lemur.

Rozanne said...

I have pretty much opted out of the Yuletide gift-giving thing, but there are a few people I still buy for.

And this year, I decided that I'd buy exclusively from Etsy or from local artisans (you qualify in both categories!). I'm actually looking forward to Christmas shopping for, um, the first time--ever!

Rozanne said...

P.S. Love the Mexican wrestlers and stars, hearts, and lightning bolts. Muy guapo, indeed!

Alan Cordle said...

I want a Mexi-apron!

Radio Gretchen said...

Yay homemade! Two years ago I created logos for everyone on my family gift giving list. Then I printed out letterhead and business cards using their personalized logos. Last year I went semi-homemade and gave everyone Pixie Kitchen t-shirts using cafepress. Turned out great and we all wore them to the family reunion at the coast in the summer. Sadly, I'm out of ideas for this year so I may have to shop. I won't step foot in a mall this time of year. I'm doing everything online.

rodger said...

Since moving to Oregon 12 years ago, we have made jams, pickles and various other canned goods that we give for the holidays. They're fun to make and better to share and we don't have to fight the crowds and give our hard earned bucks to all those corporate a#$hats.

Better yet, I'm now knitting gifts for family and friends.

Love your aprons!!

Maggie said...

Usually about 60% of our gifts are homemade. The other 40% is because I don't know how to make Bratz dolls make up or a 4GB flashdrive.

But, I'm working on it. LOL

Monogram Queen said...

I think the movement is a great idea. You rock Lelo!

LeLo said...

Elizabeth-I love the thoughtfulness to your gift giving. And I love the name Yabbo. :)

Rozanne-Yuletide is not a word that is used enough. Thanks for using it! I'm glad someone else sees the beauty in those wrestlers: ay carumba!

Alan-Honey, you know how to reach me, and you, of anyone, needs a Mexi-Apron. :) I'll embroider Viva Guadalajara on it if you like.

Radio Gretchen: I know! I remember your wonderful Pixie Kitchen graphics from your blog. You are the queen of homemade coolness.

Rodger: Mmmmmm...I know all about your famous apricot jam. The. Best. :)

Maggie: I don't think I could make Bratz dolls, because I couldn't bring myself to tart them up as much as they are. I can't believe I just wrote that.

Patticake: You should try it! Just say no to Toys R Us!

Anonymous said...

I love the new aprons, you do fine work. I have a question: Will there be a men's line? Ha-Ha! I hope so! Please let me know.

LeLo said...

Matt-Yes, there are mens versions available, with the lucha libre embroidery you see above, and no lace. E mail if you're interested for more info. :)