Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How I got out of jury duty

And look at what I found in my kitchen this morning
Look what I found in my kitchen this morning
Yikes. I know. I do it too. Everytime I see this I jump back and remember whoa. My other half is a cop. Today I think it came in handy.

Today I fulfilled my civic duty and reported for jury duty. Sat in a packed room of all kinds of peeps. Didn't get called. Phew. Didn't get called. Phew. Didn't get called. Phew. Then I got called. Oh man. Sat through interviews and gettin' to know yas. Most people answered question #10, do you have any acquaintances that are correctional officers, with NO. Me? Sheesh. I live with a police officer. I have family and friends that are police officers. I hear myself say that and think, who the heck am I? I have been anti-cop and anti-gun most of my life. But life comes at you in mysterious ways.

And so, I'm happy to say, I did not get picked. For once in my life, to not get picked for this team, is good. I have plenty o' things to keep me busy the rest of the week. Hopefully I won't run into any more guns in my kitchen.

P.S. Extra plus bonus for having jury duty: thanks to the miracles of Twitter, connected with and had a lovely lunch with Brett. Love it when that happens. :)


Zoe said...

I was so distracted by thoughts of the handcuff I didn't even notice the gun.

purpletwinkie said...

I've always liked a big gun, even in the kitchen. Oh, wait... never mind.

Syd said...

That picture is HOT.

StePHen said...

although i don't advertise it much i have been anti-gun and anti-cop too... it must be so crazy to be with someone that embodies that now! :)

i guess love truly has no bounds.
congrats on getting out of it! yuck.

rodger said...

That certainly would have stopped me dead in my tracks...especially before my coffee.

Monogram Queen said...

Hmmm I just can't get past that uniform! I'm a sucker for a uniform! ;) Glad you got out of jury duty. Yes it's our civic duty but it can be oh-so-very boring!

SassyFemme said...

That pic.... wow!

Beyond that, I'm generally anti-gun, too.

Anonymous said...

Jury duty is fun! I've sat on 2 juries, once as the foreperson, and feel truly enlightened about the way our system works. More importantly, I have greater faith in the notion of "a jury of my peers". Every single person on both juries took it very seriously, examining the case from every viewpoint, considered all the evidence in detail, and consciously did not consider evidence or information we were not allowed to consider. It was amazing.

ToadyJoe said...

O, Lelo.

You have no idea what you just did to me. I am now fanning the collar of my shirt and pacing around, salivating, and having major flashbacks to some... shall we say... really hot times.

Ya coulda warned a girl.

Sidelined! By a random and totally hot photo of a woman in a public safety uniform. Aiyiyi. You're killin' me.

Do it again. :) Heh heh heh