Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today was a good day

Had a wonderful conversation with my favorite ten-year-old (it involved a quiz on text messaging), and tonight at dinner, I was carded. Oh, sweet jesus thank you. That totally made my day.

Here's a side view of yesterday's overhead photo of the giant bulb. I'm planting 12 smaller ones tomorrow. I anticipate in a little over a month the house will be filled with the scent of fresh blooming flowers. Sweet.


Monogram Queen said...

Beautiful! Hmmm I miss being carded. Probably will never happen again unless it's for an AARP card!

purpletwinkie said...

Carded! You rock.

I used to grow bulbs indoors in winter. Love that. I should start something. It seems so many of these sorts of things I "used to do".