Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?

Come here Santa and let me drool on you!
I've got spirit, yes I do. I've got spirit, how 'bout you?
Oh the days are flying by, and we have family (and a baby, see above photo for proof) visiting. Getting into the holiday spirit early this year, and even went to Santaland at Macy's downtown today. Woo hoo! I had never been there before. We picked the perfect time to go. No lines of screaming children and irritated parents. No sirreeee. It was beautiful and quiet and a few kids and their families, everyone behaving beautifully. I know. Can you believe it? My 5-month-old nephew did great, and just smiled (and drooled quite a bit) in awe at Old Saint Nick. And can I just say, that Santa at Macy's is one of the better ones I've seen? He was great, and the two of them just sat and laughed together (one drooling, one not). We walked through Santaland and saw the reindeer and Santa's castle. We stepped on the magic star and looked through the window at Cher.* It was charming, really, and I felt all warm and fuzzy. Oh and I'm supposed to tell you that they told us the little one was the cutest baby ever. Well, duh!

But then the following scene played out outside on the street...I could hear the horn coming for a block or two. Apparently a silver PT Cruiser driver was irritated at a bus. Of course, laying on the horn non-stop for blocks is a great way to deal with your inner aggression. But then he'd pull in front of the bus and cut it off, making gestures with his hand at the bus driver. But one block up, he pulled in front of the bus and slammed on his brakes. The bus had to lock it up, and skidded to a fast halt behind the PT Cruiser. Sitting there and recovering, I can imagine what could have happened to people on that bus with a stop like that. What the heck! You silver PT Cruiser driver, you are NOT filled with the Christmas spirit. Get with it and stop being an asshole, will you? You need some time with a fabulous Santa to cheer you up.

Okay. On with the holidays!

*Thank you, David Sedaris, for the best read-aloud story ever, SantaLand Diaries.

P.S. To really encourage you to get into the holiday spirit, here is the tree I blogged about recently. It's currently showing you what it looks like in all white lights. Mmmmm....pretty!
I love this tree


Kathryn said...

OOOH Pretty!

Glad you had fun at Santaland today!

Rozanne said...

Magical: The tree and Santa--I agree he's about the most convincing Santa I've ever seen, but he's definitely a Portland Santa. I can imagine him stopping off for a pint of Bridgeport IPA after his shift at Macy's. And your nephew is adorable, and not at all scared (how often does that happen in the Santa scenario?)!

Not Magical and Not Portland. That PT Cruiser driver. WTF??? I hope the bus driver got that license plate. That driver has a lot to answer for.

I love the Santaland Diaries!

Monogram Queen said...

Beautiful! Glad you had a good Santa visit. I've thought about hopping on the jolly old elf's lap myself!

Neva said...

OMG, your nephew looks totally like you!!!

LeLo said...

Neva, That's funny, because we're not related by blood!

Aaah, such is the life of all good looking people looking alike. ;)

Unknown said...

That is the cutest baby I've seen in a long time!

I love David Sedaris, so I must check this out.