Friday, December 21, 2007

Baby Jesus vanishes from all nativity scenes in town

Actually, they found all of the 26 stolen baby Jesus, and hit the motherload. My favorite quote?
Police spread the figurines out on a counter at police headquarters to take inventory. All lay, in swaddling clothes on their backs.

"It looks like a nursery here," said police spokesman Ken Kelly.
Sigh. Read it here.


Lee said...

damn, I wish I'd thought of stealing baby Jesus-es from all over town...there's a mother lode here

of course, I wouldn't have burned them...that would just be wrong

Alan Cordle said...

Is that story connected to this one?

Kathryn said...

Oh Jesus.

Rozanne said...

What a surprise to find that the culprits are teenaged boys.

I just talked to may dad on the phone this PM, and he says that a few Jesuses (is that the correct plural) have been stolen in his town too. I know, that in past years the Jesus's have been stolen from Nativity scenes on Peacock Lane. Why can't these pranksters show a little more creativity and originality. How bout stealing and ass (heh, heh) or a lamb or something?

Rozanne said...

I meant "suspects" not "culprits." Innocent until proven guilty and all that.