Monday, December 03, 2007

If Frida Kahlo went to a Quinceanera

If Frida Kahlo went to a quinceanera...
She might wear something like this. Aye yah yah. I just need to throw in a rabbi and a priest into that joke intro. So I'll stop there. And just tell you how much I love this creamy fabric with imagery inspired by the artwork of Frida Kahlo. So mexicana. So lovely.
Frida Kahlo inspired quinceneara apron detail
And there's that flounce at the bottom again. I know. I continue to be inspired by the dresses I saw in the window of the shop at the Bobilu Center in Oxnard, California. On a main thoroughfare in Oxnard, the city I was born in, home of the lowrider, the Bobilu Center had a shop with a front window full of mannequins dressed in multilayered lace extravaganza numbers. Dresses of the likes I had never seen in my own life, but lace layers I'd see on the girls in front of Catholic churches, on their way to and from catechism ceremonies, quinceaneras, or other important events requiring being dressed to the nines.

I've gone back to the Bobilu Center as an adult, and the shop is gone, but a panaderia is in its place. I even took AdRi there so she could taste the difference between the pan of Oxnard and the pan of Portland: very different. And I still believe Oxnard's is better.

But I digress, as usual. This lovely number went up at Etsy today in case you're seeking the perfect gift for someone who seeks a little inspiration and revelation from Frida Kahlo and the Bobilu Center.


Rozanne said...

Very very lovely! Love the fabric (the pocket fabric, too) and the double flounce. I know just the type of shop you're talking about. There are Bobilu-type shops in Chicago. What I wouldn't have given to be able to wear one of those confirmation dresses as a little girl!

Unrelated: The paperwhites in the background are going great guns!

Elizabeth said...

That apron makes me want to make salsa and eat chips. Not that I need anything else to encourage that obsession...

Monogram Queen said...

Very nice! I think rick rack would be cool too.

Anonymous said...

It's so very very!

BTW, congratulations on your NaBloPoMo win!

Sew on.


purpletwinkie said...

I see a bebe in the mirror ;)

You had a NaBloPoMo win?! And didn't tell me?

Bitch. What'dya win??

Known Alias: Ingrid Tuesday said...

Love the apron.

I was born in Oxnard too!

Also: Your paperwhites look SCADS better than mine. I think mine are done.

LeLo said...

Hey Ingrid Tuesday: shout out to Oxnard! I bet we were born at the same hospital. Aahhhh. My paperwhites are hangin' on...the nice thing about them, is when they're done, you can always start over with new ones, or, try a new bulb, like hyacinths. Yum!