Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa came early....

...and brought me the Fiber Optic lights from my childhood.
fiber optic lights from my childhood
The real deal. Even the original packaging. Ah ha. Proof that my parents ARE reading this blog, since I waxed nostalgic about those fiber optics a few posts back:
I drifted back to my childhood, laying under our Christmas tree, and the mysterious fiber optic lights. Like tufts of glowing grass, their little dots of light at the tips glowed at me, and I was in love.
Aren't they pretty? AdRi looks at them like they're from another planet. She doesn't understand the magnetic qualities of fiber optic lights. There's a new grass I've seen at the plant sales the last few years, called fiber optics. They're pretty tufts with little seed bumps on their end. I'm so getting one next spring. Oh, and it should be noted that when my brother heard I had been given the fiber optic lights, he shit a brick. Ha! They're mine, sucker. All mine. In the spirit of the holidays they're mine, of course. Happy holidays!


Kathryn said...

So happy for your lights,and HG LOVES your photography. She thinks that you're photographs are fucking amazing. Her true words, I'm not making this shit up.


Love you

Mean it.

Oh, and HG also thinks that YOU are fucking amazing as well.

Rozanne said...

Shit a brick. Haven't though of that turn of phrase for a while. I must reintroduce it to my lexicon.

The fiber optic lights are really cool! I think you should keep them up year-round.

Monogram Queen said...

My middle sis and I had the christmas ornament fight a few years back and I won too! Yay for fiber optic lights!