Thursday, January 03, 2008

It is what it is what it is, it is.

vigil for domestic partnerships in Oregon
And oh, what the irony. Also featured on the news today, headlines that read: Lining up rosy wedding plans: Couples huddle before dawn to land the big day at Washington Park, other city spots. Such hardships.


Methadone Boy said...

The perfect spot is the Wii of the summer wedding season for some lucky people.
To consider I would be thrilled with the county clerk's stamping a piece of paper and a lovingly yelled "Next".

Anonymous said...

Hi Lelo! Here's a shout-out from another North Portlander. I met you and AdRi at the event last night; I was the one who introduced myself (but maybe there were scores of us throwing ourselves at you...).
Glad to meetcha!

A Lewis said...

We were stuffed in that room like a piece of garlic inside a green olive, weren't we? How did I miss you...I was looking! Yes, horribly, disgustingly, ironic about the Oregonian stories. I will be posting phone numbers for protesting soon....the judge, the outside group that brought the lawsuit, etc. I hope you'll join me in calling for a phone protest to these folks.

Anonymous said...

"rolling their eyes in unison at the lunacy of a city policy that requires people to arrive before dawn to guarantee their dream wedding." UGH. I'm one of those people planning my wedding this year to my opposite-gender-partner...and I am much more angry about the fact that my dear friends, whose 'legal' wedding I officiated when Multnomah County briefly issued licenses to same-gendered couples, are having their THIRD marriage/union celebration taken away from them, than I could ever be about booking a fucking site. I'm "rolling my eyes" at the very arbitrary, sexist, anti-feminist, anti-humanist, and DISCRIMINATORY treatment that our city, county, state and country feel that it's appropriate to use with citizens of our country. I'm concerned, scared and angry about this obviously biased judge, and about the mainstream media that attempt to portray the issue in a 'balanced' and 'fair' light by repeating ignorant, irrelevant statements by members of the opposition (civil unions would be "a can of worms we don't know we want to open up" according to the Oregonian according to some ignorant, irrelevant person.)
I try to do what I can by keeping up with it and voicing what I know to people who aren't as informed. Thank you for keeping this in the public eye for people who may not be up to date, Lelo, and I'm sorry you are one of the people who have to deal with the worst consequences of this.
Sincerely, E

Anonymous said...

Thee O always has stoopid timing. Yeah, look at that crowd shot -- what a bunch of menaces to society, eh?

I mean, honest to Pete. Who's more of a threat to the free world -- you and your girl, or me and Steve? They never should have given us a marriage license, we're a little unhinged.

Love and kisses and much support to all of youse.

Elizabeth said...

I was thinking the same thing as I read the front-page headline. Like, surely this has something to do with the domestic partnerships thing? But no. Yeah, I agree with WM--what great timing the O has.

Anonymous said...

Im curious.

Has anyone ever given you an explanation of how same-sex marriage will undermine the core of civilization?

Or is the right wing's theory "We say so, therefore it's so."

Monogram Queen said...

I sure wish I were in Oregon so I could protest with you. This just makes my blood boil.
P.S. I love the lady in the spiky blonde hair/black glasses. She looks intriguing.

Kathryn said...

I was pissed by this irony, it was the very first thing I thought. Well, actually I thought the couple on the front page were two chicks at first, and then I realized they were hetero. First class citizens get the front page, Second class citizens get the Metro section.

Rozanne said...

Typical O...always giving short shrift to the real story. When Benazir Bhutto was killed, they gave the headline to a story about a tiger escape at the Oregon Zoo--a story from--wait for it--1970!!!!!! I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, I'm glad there was such a great turnout for the vigil.

A Lewis said...

I hope you'll check out my call for a widespread letter writing campaign. We need everyone's help.

SMB said...

were you as disappointed by the whole "vigil" experience as i was?

looking great in the JO blog story today! : )

LeLo said...

Just Me: Hello. Thank you. And welcome: thanks for commenting!

Goblingee: Hey there: how awesome are you to have introduced yourself to us? We were completely thrilled to meet you.

Lewis: I missed a lot of people: it was definitely packed. I'll definitely be checking out your site for more info.

thetathrees: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and compassion.

Wacky Mommy: Ironic, isn't it?!

Elizabeth: It was the same thing with the tv news. You'd think it was a joke or something.

Recovering Straight Girl: !!!

Rozanne: I hope you can see me rolling my eyes.

SMB: Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I wasn't disappointed with the vigil, but as with any vigil, they're not really fun. It wasn't a fun topic, and like I said, it was what it was, you know? I want to know, are you as serious in real life like you look in your picture? ;)