Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can't stop watching this.

I'm overwhelmed with the desire to do the cabbage patch, followed by the worm. Ending with jazz hands, of course.

P.S. I think he might be G-A-Y.


Rozanne said...

OMG. That is very lame.

That reinforcement of the stereotypical association of women and house cleaning doesn't set well with me.

Hillary is really going down in flames BIG TIME, isn't she. So sad. I used to like and admire her, but she has really proved to be just as icky as most politicians. My opinion.

Alan Cordle said...

That video's merely a response to this one:

Neva said...

Yeah, he's not cool-gay, like the guys on Queer Eye. He's white-and-nerdy gay. But it's still fun to watch him go!

Karolcooks said...

Its awkward, to say the least. You should google the "Hillary for you and me video," reminicent of Up With People. I felt bad about the woman cleaning the house thing. He didn't mean it "that way," but it rhymed with his ditty. He might be more gay than Carson Kressley...

purpletwinkie said...

Ouch. Painful.


Queeny is a rube.
Queeny sings on YouTube.
La da dah da dah.
La da dah da dah dah.

Rob said...

Talk about a piece of unintended comedy! HeeeeeeeeeLARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

"Hillary en la casa! Hillary en la casa!" Ms. Thing has huevos. She's a biter; I heard a little J-Lo's "Let's Get Loud". I'm glad missy didn't go there =)