Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Open up the window and let some air in

Freshening things up. Not around here, but over here. I've retired the old heavy Sassy Gardener blog, and finally come to terms with no, I'm not keeping it up much there. (Actually, the old blog is now Ye Olde Journal, and is still accessible.) So instead, I've gone back to a paper journal for gardening this year. And taking photos of the journal, and lists, and posting them there. And writing the column in Just Out. I hope this actually means more time to be in the garden, and away from a computer. Experience more.

Bonus: I've combed through a few years of photos and put up the best and variety from the garden. It's so rewarding to look at photos through the years of the garden, and remember what it used to look like, and what it is different times of the year. Looking at these, I realize, yes, I am a gardener. Yes, yes, yes. See for yourself here.


Heidi said...

amazing! thank you for sharing your great photos.

Anonymous said...

Lelo! YOU could CHARGE for garden tours, it IS that rich and beautiful. Really. Your soil is so much richer than ours, you have more heat, warmer temps. But it's the design, layout, beauty that you are designing in there that's beautiful. Thanks for the pic tour! I was astounded.

small town dyke said...

Not only are you a great gardner you are an amazing photographer!!