Monday, August 24, 2009

I refuse to let summer go

Tomato on our front steps
It may be approaching late August, but I’m not going to let summer waltz on out of here. Not yet. I have yet to get to the coast this summer, and there are more baseball games left in the season. The tomatoes are just coming into their own, and I caught myself thinking, “Another caprese salad—again?” But then I quickly kicked myself.
The edible border
We’re still working our way through the edible border, and the summer sown carrots and parsnips are quickly growing. I’ve come to identify the damage in the side garden is due to the black vine weevil, and I’m on the hunt for beneficial nematodes to let loose in the garden just about now. My Master Gardener training is really paying off: access to all of these smart people and resources is a godsend.
Wink gets some R&R
We sat outside yesterday morning with the paper and our coffee. The sun was warm but the morning was still cool. I know the season will soon transition: we’re in the waning days of summer. But it’s this time in between: between high summer and true fall, that I love the best. The time of harvest, sunshine, brown grass underfoot, tomatoes, pears and long days. The golden sunshine isn’t quite here: the way the light changes will give it away that fall is at our doorstep.

I refuse to let summer go. Yet.

Impatien decadence

P.S. Our new backyard patio is getting a lot of use. But we’ve built it with many purposes. The copper tubing along the top edge supports laundry hung out to dry, and it’s a wonderful place for dinners, coffee, and I also refer to is as my summer office.
Backyard patio
But at night it holds yet another purpose: it’s the perfect frame for projecting movies in the garden.
Movie in the garden
Movie projected in the garden


Stephanie said...

Did you just paint on the pavement to create the "floor" of your patio?!? So excellent! Maybe I won't need to rip out the driveway in our backyard after all! Great idea.

chook said...

edible border, what a great idea. you have the awesomest garden ever.

Miranda Raven said...

Yay, Todd Solondz!!

Katie said...

I love the colors in your edible border! So pretty. I wish I could get my parsnips to germinate.

I adore the idea of the copper pipe on the pergola to hang laundry from. ::adding to list for landscape designer::

Janet said...

one of my favorite movies!

Rozanne said...

Fab photos. I'm going to eat an heirloom tomato right now!!!

Welcome to the Dollhouse is such a great movie!!!! Chilling and spot-on accurate.

Jessica said...

Beautifully written and really evokes the season, also my favorite. Thanks!

Jacquelyn said...

I'm so with you! It's starting to feel too much like fall for my tastes. I love your pergola, it's very much like what my husband wants to build in our backyard. And outside movies? Awesome!

Eva said...

LOVE the edible border... and the movie screen. Genius!