Sunday, September 27, 2009

A "Best of" from Lelo in Nopo

If you're not keeping up with the wonderful Bridget Pilloid's blog Voila, here's your chance. She had a week of storytelling and asked me to submit a story. I pulled one of my favorite posts from here on Lelo in Nopo and she has posted it on her blog as part of the storytelling series. It's about how I ended up in Portland, which was really about being open to listening to the universe, and the universe pretty clearly telling me what I should do. It's from two posts I did in 2006, and the writing is clunky and a little raw. I was still developing my voice and style of writing. But it's still a great story. Go to Bridget's and read it, and while you're there, poke around a bit and read more of her blog. She's a pretty cool woman with a hell of a lot of talent and intuitive powers.


Jennifer said...

Wow...That's a great story and so many of us are so lucky that you made it to Portland.

kris soebroto said...

Your story reminds me to pay attention to all the many many signs in life that show me where to go. Trust and follow....okay got it. Thanks so much.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

that is a great story.