Saturday, November 14, 2009

Put out more wonderful in the world

Beauty above

I've been thinking about my footprint lately. Not my size 8 shoe footprint and not my environmental footprint. But about my wonderful footprint. How much wonderful do you put out in the world?

I'd like to thank the Portland Art Museum for putting out this wonderful footprint as seen above. Hundreds of Chinese lanterns strung above in the courtyard between buildings. Not permanent or lasting or "sustainable" but wonderfully ephemeral and enchanting.

Sometimes when the world gets me down, I think about putting out more wonderful in the world. It counteracts the mean and attracts more wonderful, multiplying and growing faster than anything negative can amass.

Seeing wonderful isn't pollyanna: it's acceptance and owning activity to counteract it, to insert oneself into the equation and to be a part of the change, not to sit idly by and snip and snipe.

To put out more wonderful into the world and let it catch on.


Stephen said...

You really have such a lovely blog... I always enjoy visiting. That photo is really amazing.

Heather said...

Thanks for adding some wonderful to my day - that photo just reminds me of a field of poppies.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i agree. that is what my blog has been about. we really do have the ability to improve our reality. not my sitting around, but by putting more good out. great photo. great posting.

A Lewis said...

I agree...I really do. I think about this regularly, all of the time. Honestly. But I have such a difficult time putting it into practice. Sometimes I do. Many times I don't. I find myself thinking terrible things about terrible people. I'm trying. I guess I'll keep on doing so. Because I believe in the good, I really do. Thanks for the reminder.

LSL said...

Such a lovely picture, and a thought-provoking post.

e said...

This will be my favorite post of the week! Thank you.

Rozanne said...

Hear, hear. Less snipping and sniping is always a good thing. Thanks for the reminder.

Those lanterns are so pretty (and wonderful).

I've been enjoying the wonder of fall color, lately.