Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peek into my studio

In December I mentioned here we were doing an office remodel. Well, it's done. And I'm absolutely loving the new space. I thought I owed you a look at it since I had posted some photos of it in progress.

The goal of the remodel was to maximize space, as my 3-year-old design/consulting business was growing by leaps and bounds, and I needed space to store my tools, samples, and the books from my many interests were overflowing their shelves. Most of all, I needed surface space. Space to lay out print outs, to write at, to work at, and space to post and view work in process. I also really needed a longer space to accommodate my two large screens, and less depth in that space than I had before. Screens are now flat, and don't require big depth areas for the TUBES in them. I also just needed something more cheery. The space before was dark on purpose: it had been painted deep plum to provide a cozy tv lounge area previously, and while it was great then, it just soaked up all of the light in the room.

So you ready for the tour? I thought so.

Remember I said maximize space, right? Built ins run from floor to ceiling now.
studio remodel; primary work area
maximizing space around the windows
Lots of surface space with my 1950s table (so cheery!) and the long, dark wood desk. The desk is actually a console table. It's the perfect depth for my flat screens.
my workspace
More surface space, and an area to post works in process, or inspirations. I'm changing the board pretty frequently. The open shelving has supports that are the same shape as supports in the kitchen. I wanted the remodel to be cohesive to other areas of the house, and to look original to the 100-year old house as much as possible.
workspace changes daily
I share this space with pets, and they needed space, too. If I don't provide it, they'll take it. Plus it's fun to have them nearby. Thus, pet beds.
built ins around the window
This wall of bookcases includes use of original moulding to the house, as well as cupboard doors we saved from a kitchen remodel.
some old some new in this built in
I love their imperfection, and the years they served in the house are reflected in their dings and nicks.
recycled cupboard doors
The drapes I made from fabric at Bolt. I think they still need some finish trim on them, but in the meantime, they're working fine. And finally, I have my pens and tools close at hand. Especially my Liberace pen.
view from worktable
For more photos, including the before and after and some detail info from me, here's a full set for you.
Special thanks to Kaya, who once again, came through for us and did a great job.

It's a whole new year, isn't it?


chook said...

O. M. G. gorgeous. gives me something to aspire to.

viggie said...

Wow! I really love all of that storage!

Anonymous said...

love the built ins, love the use of the kitchen door faces.

Unknown said...

oh i love it!!! it's a completely different room..:) great job and very inspiring. we are feeling this is the year to take care of our inside space...we spent the last couple years with the outside, so now the time has come to really redo the inside..thanks for the constant inspiration my sister you!

Heather said...

Fabulous! I love how you respected the character of the house and re-used things.

Liz Crain said...

Holy cannoli!

That is some makeover. Beautiful. I bet it didn't feel so beautiful mid-stride but now that it's done -- wow. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lelo~~ So much charm and class in the name of functionality; bragging rights are all yours.

Laura said...

Love the wall color! This reminds me: I really need to build myself a proper workspace:)

* said...

What a wonderful creative space. That vintage table is great and the rug and curtains are awesome.

Enjoy your new work space!

A Lewis said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing space you've created! I can't stand how much talent you exude....from cooking to gardening to remodeling to writing. Such positive energy!

Lisa said...

I love it! Very inspiring. I'm trying to improve my work space this January. I'm not exactly remodeling but this gives me some great ideas.

reSPACEd said...

I'm a professional organizer who reads a lot of organizing books, and I've got to say your space could be featured in one of those books.

PAgent said...

As much as I hate you for this wonderful workspace, rest assured that I still hate you more for your wonderful bathroom.

Rozanne said...

Wonderful transformation. I tried to comment earlier on this, but blogger was ill apparently. Anyway, this post inspired me to clear a lot of crap out of my office, which was a transformation of sorts. The most that's going to happen for now.

Sharon Kwilter said...

It's always fun to find other Portland bloggers. I look forward to following your future projects.