Monday, March 08, 2010

Gnomes gone wild and the multi-tasking pergola

My gnomes were abducted and have now shown up on the cover of Just Out. You may recognize the back gnome as Seymour of the Woods. The front gnome, posing ever-so-coyly with the bluebird on his butt was a birthday gift. Isn't he cute? He does not yet have a name.

Check out the feature/cover story I wrote for the current edition. It includes some great advice from Geof Beasley of Bella Madrona about outdoor entertaining, and there's even a little story and photos about our pergola/arbor we built on our back patio last year. It was designed for multi use, including hanging laundry out to dry...

my summer office and outdoor dining area...
Arbor-laundry line

and even to hang our outdoor movie projector screen.
Arbor-night use

The sun was out yesterday morning and I sat there on the back patio, soaking it all in. AdRi hung her laundry out in the afternoon, and it promptly began to rain. It's not summer yet, but I can feel spring in the air. And it feels so gooooood. The gnomes would agree.


Unknown said...

okay..i want a pegoda and i want gnomes..haha! love it all L!

can't wait to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lelo~~ Congrats on the publication. I wonder, are gnomes becoming fashionable again, like pink flamingos and white rocks?

Your pergola is perfect. I can understand your desire to bask there all day long. Or at least until the rain comes back.

MrBrownThumb said...

That's so cool. I want to come over for movie night.


Lindsey said...

I want to live out there!

Miranda Raven said...

You are watching Todd Salondz movies in your backyard all summer and not inviting me!? I weep. WEEP! ; D