Wednesday, March 09, 2011

There are signals: how a gardener marks the change of seasons

First day of Spring 2008

A tweet from yesterday: It's almost 6pm: it's still light out. The darkness is lifting, crocus is blooming, daphne is in the air. And all is right with the world.

March is bringing spring, and the change in the weather is becoming palpable. I stepped out onto the back steps early this week, and the sound of birds singing filled the air. Singing back and forth to each other, echoing off garages and heralding the change that is becoming so apparent.

Yesterday afternoon I walked with a friend, and as I came home, it approached 6pm and the sky was still light. Earlier we had come upon the mesmerizing scent of daphne in bloom—I had smelled it before I had seen it—and its recognition made for an instant smile across my face.

The earliest of blooms are showing, forsythia and crocus, and daffodils are lined up ready to go. The winter's violets are fading and the hyacinths are pushing through the soil, readying to sing their lead song. A rogue tree in bloom at the park startled me—could spring really be here? And indeed, it is making its debut.

All herald the changing of the seasons.


Zoe / pearled earth said...

The pace of spring unfolding in your climate is so different from mine in pennsylvania, but mesmerizing to me. Your stripey crocuses are stunning.

danger garden said...

Yesterday I left the kitchen door open for a couple of hours, oh the clean fresh air! The brief bits of sun coming in had me dreaming of the days ahead when I will cook dinner with the door open and even after that it will still be light and warm enough to walk the dog after dinner!!! It's coming...slowly.

Heather said...

Yes, the crocus are out here - spring is not far behind here in Kansas!

A Lewis said...

Every day on Mason's walk, I point out the crocus blooming and tell him how lucky we are to live where we do.