Friday, November 16, 2012

Guilt through leaves

It is fall. These are our trees.
Alas, we have yet to pick up our fall leaves.

Go ahead. Throw stones. Rocks. Mock us as necessary.

The street cleaners came through this week and I was wrecked with guilt.

And to the school children, I am so sorry. I am so busy with work, and my partner works full time away from home, and we have not gotten to the leaves. But then I pause and look at them. How beautiful, how gorgeous, how capturing-the-time they are. It is autumn here in Portland, and we do our best with the bounty.

It is a gorgeous time of year. Stay in the moment. See it for what it is. Fleeting. Decaying. Amazing. We are so lucky to be here, aren't we? Yes, yes we are.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful

scottweberpdx said...

I never feel guilty...there's nothing as wonderful as fallen leaves...and you know those school kids love shuffling through them...I still do :-)

ricki said...

Like Scott, I was imagining the school kids "shuffling through them" and also stooping to gather the prettiest ones for show and tell.

whimsy2 said...

Thank you. Yes, we are.