Monday, November 05, 2012

Seeing a blogger I admire

Smitten Kitchen packs Powells
I suppose I've been more of a blog reader than a blogger myself lately. I have a handful of blogs I like to read. Actually, it's more than a handful, and when I have the time, I catch up on them. They range in topics from design to politics to gardening to food to weight loss/healthy living to folks who just have lovely points of view I enjoy reading. The topics have ranged over the years, and many blogs have been unsubscribed from when they've lost their voice, moved to prioritizing making money or getting popular with their blogs, or have just disappeared.

But one that's stayed steady in her voice and in my blog reader, is Smitten Kitchen. It's my go-to blog for spot-on recipes with flavors well balanced, and while I may visit when searching for a great holiday meal recipe, she also doles out great salads and vegetable based meals as well. Her broccoli salad is one of my favorites during the summer.

It was wonderful to see her in person tonight while on her book tour. Alas, her books were already sold out at Powells so I couldn't buy one, and the room was hot and packed with admirers (see photo above for proof), but it was great to see her personality in life, not just on screen. I think I might like her even more now.

Here are some of my favorites from Smitten Kitchen:
Broccoli Slaw
Triple Berry Buttermilk Bundt Cake 
Her recent farro and butternut squash salad
Nectarine Galette


danger garden said...

I would have loved to have been there! My all time fav recipe I discovered on her blog:

Heather said...

Some day I hope to see one of my favorite bloggers in person rather than just talking to her on the phone. :)

e said...

I couldn't go last night, but I was pretty sure that she would get a good turnout... so glad she did!

I have made tons of her recipes!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I was there too! I was in that far corner that's right in the middle of your picture, sitting on the floor because there were no seats left when I got there. And they were out of books when I got there too, but I was beginning to make a beeline for the desk when it was over in case any were turned in, and I passed by the podium....and the guy in charge was just putting everything back to how it should be and picking up the book that was on the podium, and asked me "do you have a book? Do you want one?" and I got the one that she'd had up there with her. Not that that makes me special or anything....:-)

LeLo said...

Danger: That looks like a good one. I've made so many of her recipes, but wow: check out her list of recipes on her blog. Now THAT is a commitment to cooking, and to blogging. Wow!

Heather: I'm right there with ya sister. You know it's going to happen, right?

e: We got there a half hour early and it was already packed.

Elizabeth: That definitely makes you special. You're so lucky!