Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remember what I said? I'm not afraid of color. And here's the proof.

Shazam kabam! There's color in our garden, mainly on our back patio, and while there is no balmy summer heat to go along with it, we can all patiently wait while summer thinks about coming to the cool, damp northwest.

Painted the back wall of the garage, that faces the patio, a bright Frida Kahlo inspired blue. The door an accent color of bright lime yellow. Planted only hot intensely colored plants, experimented with a few cans of spray paint, and shazam kabam! I give you color....
fuschia on blue
Background of blue
lime and blue
sun spikes
Crazy garden gnome action going on over here!
Color on the patio
And here nature delivers to you a bouquet full of color, straight from the garden...
A bouquet of roses

If summer weather ever arrives, I'll try to capture a whole scene photo for you. Until then, you get the idea: not afraid of color!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

A favorite plant combination right now: cerinthe and cabbage

The combo I'm loving right now
Our vegetable gardens live in our front yard because that's where the sun is. It's also where the self seeding cerinthe grows, much of it with wild abandon in the gravel paths or in the margins of the gravel paths to the beds. I love it. The blue and purple hues of the leaves outshine the blooms, and their pendulous nods are such pretty form. But combine them with purple cabbage and you have a favorite combination seen in our garden right now....

More cabbage and cerinthe

There's a backdrop there of bronze fennel that helps with the drama, and a row of romanesco cauliflower that will soon sport strange lime green cones within this sea of purple. For now, the cerinthe is blooming like crazy and the colors of our cool spring are glowing.

Cerinthe and purple cabbage in the garden: one of my favorite combinations